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Pregnant Mom Thinks She Is Expecting Twins, Ends up Breaking Country’s Multiple Births Record



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Having a planned pregnancy is every woman’s desire, but sometimes, despite the planning, some expectant mothers are stunned by the outcome. See how a pregnant mom whose doctors told her she was having twins established a groundbreaking record with her miracle babies!

For most couples, one of the joys of parenthood includes having confidence that their offspring will receive as much care and love as they can provide.

Somehow, for this reason, they try to plan the number of babies they would have, as having above or below their planned number may tamper with their credibility as parents. Irrespective of their beliefs, once they are parents, it is always impossible to starve their kids of love or not nurture them.

23-year-old Alexandra Kinova was one of those mothers who had prepared to cherish her twins stupendously, unknown to her that the biggest surprise of her life awaited her.


Eventually, the young mom from Milovice, northeast of Prague, who became a world breaker in her country, was more than ready to handle the responsibilities, no matter how overwhelming.


Being pregnant was not a new thing to the 23-year-old woman from the Czech Republic. She and her partner already shared a young son, and they were expecting their second and third born. It was not surprising to be told that they would parent two babies simultaneously, as twins run on both sides of the family.

However, a few months before delivery, the doctors realized that Kinova was pregnant with four babies! As if that was not enough surprise, a few weeks later, her last scan showed a fifth child.

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When she discovered that she would have quintuplets, she cried. The expectant mother was overwhelmed but also scared because the probability of conceiving all five babies without complications was low.

Another shocking detail was that it was impossible to determine all their sexes because two were hidden in the scan. It was not until they were delivered that they knew for sure.

For Kinova, carrying a pregnancy for a second time was not all that easy. She suffered four months of morning sickness and a few other minor complications but could lie on her side and had no breathing problems.



Surprisingly, the couple’s firstborn stepped up to his responsibility as a big brother, and rather than feel funny, he prepared a loving heart for his younger siblings before their arrival.

Kinova established that her eldest son teamed up with them in choosing the names for his soon-to-be-born siblings: four boys and one girl. Upon arrival, the four boys were to be called Deniel, Michael, Alex, and Martin, while their sister would bear Terezka.


On June 2, 2013, the young couple welcomed their quintuplets. Kinova had checked into the Podoli hospital in Prague, Czech Republic. And there, the doctors examined her before ensuring that she had a safe and smooth delivery through Caesarean section.


As soon as she delivered, officials from the Prague Institute for the Care of Mother and Child hurriedly cared for the mother and her babies, later confirming that they were all in good health.

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The doctor who delivered the babies was Zbynek Stranak, a leading doctor at the neonatal section of the institute. He maintained that the delivery took place with zero complications, adding that the babies were in perfect condition and had a nearly hundred percent chance of growing healthy.

Kinova became the first woman to conceive all five babies naturally without the intervention of science. The mother-of-six was proud of her babies and discussed that she would care for them as she did with her first child. In her words:

“The first child I nursed for almost a year and a half and I want to breastfeed now. While I know that some will be on artificial nutrition.”


Kinova’s partner was with her throughout the journey, but when he saw the babies, he was anxious. He told a reporter, “I was crying all the way since I feared I would not manage it.”

Although the couple had least expected the numbers they got, and both showed fear, eventually, they settled into their miracle: having all five babies with no health complications was a blessing.

This shows that planning might not be enough, especially for parents who yearn to welcome kids; one must be open to accepting them in their numbers as every child is born for a reason!

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