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Pregnant Mom Hears Screams From Lake And Then Scared Girl Tells Her ‘I’m Going To Die’



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Pregnant mom Alyssa DeWitt took her kids to the beach at Lake Michigan for some fun on the water. But as 3 girls started screaming for help, she quickly learned God sent her there for a very different reason!

On a windy day in May, 5-months-pregnant mom Alyssa DeWitt loaded up her little kids and prepared to head to Lake Michigan. However, she started wondering if it was really the best day for a beach trip and came very close to canceling.

But “something” kept telling her to go, so she did.

That same “something” directed her to the pier side of the beach — an area she normally never takes her kids. So again, without fully understanding why, she followed the nudge. And after what happened next, Alyssa recognized that “something” was the Holy Spirit!


“You can’t tell me it was ‘luck’ I was there when I was,” she later recounted on Facebook. “I was meant to be there.. and I’m so… thankful for it.”

Cries For Help Reveal Serious Danger
Alyssa DeWitt was keeping an eye on her little ones when she heard screams coming from the water. She spotted arms waving at her for help, so she quickly got her children safely to shore then dashed down the pier to see if she could help.

“A group of kids were getting pulled out into the lake and slammed against the pier wall,” she explained. “They could barely keep their heads above water. They were literally drowning in front of my eyes and there was not one person on that side of the beach I could scream to for help. It was empty.”

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Alyssa immediately used her cell phone to call for help. But with the windy conditions, she couldn’t hear anything on the call. She just screamed into the phone that kids were downing and prayed help would arrive quickly.


The pregnant mom knew she needed to do more or the three girls in the water wouldn’t make it. So, she laid down on the pier and tried to pull them to safety.

“Every time I would grab their hand and get them partway up, a wave would come and smash into us and pull them back down,” she recalled.

Pregnant Mom Alyssa DeWitt Performs Miraculous Rescue
Alyssa couldn’t bear the thought of watching these three kids drown. She was determined to save them, spurred on by the panic and fear engulfing the children.

“This part will stick with me forever. This girl looked at me and she said ‘I’m gonna die.’ It makes me cry every time I think about it,” Alyssa DeWitt said. “I told her, ‘I promise you I am not gonna let you die out here; I am gonna get you out of this water.’”


Fighting against slippery hands and the pounding waves, the pregnant mom somehow managed to pull all three girls to safety.

“I don’t know how, but I did,” she said after the rescue. “A lot of tears and hugs were shared yesterday. I know they were thankful.”

Despite some minor injuries, all three children are safe and healthy, as is Alyssa DeWitt and her unborn baby.

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Positive News Story Honoring God
The pregnant mom gives God all the glory for the heroic rescue. She shared the story on social media to help keep “faith and love for God alive,” writing:


“God did his thing today, and he put me exactly where I needed to be.”

Alyssa DeWitt later echoed that sentiment in news interviews, explaining, “I truly believe that I was meant to come here yesterday; I don’t think it was a coincidence.”

God certainly put Alyssa at the pier that day so He could use her to do the impossible. And the pregnant mom not only shared the rescue story to glorify God but also to serve as a cautionary tale about water safety.

“PLEASE.. stress water safety to your kids,” she said. “I’m loving my babies a little harder tonight, I’m sure those parents are too. God is good.”

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