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Oyo PDP An Axis Of Evil .Makinde Has Failed, Adeduntan Blasts Oyo Governor



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The osi Basorun of Ibadan land and leading OYO state Governorship hopeful ,had described PDP as an axis of evil.

Chief Dr. Adeduntan stated this in Ibadan on Saturday ,while responding to a question by the anchor of a political program at IBR radio station Ibadan.

Adeduntan while commenting on whether he could join Oyo PDP since there is an impending implosion in APC and MR Olasunkanmi TEGBE had left in a hurry, Adeduntan maintained that “Yes there are problems in Oyo APC ,just as in PDP and we will mend our fences very soon and close ranks.”

He asserted that he had been in the PDP before and he can never go back to an axis of evil-a party that ruled Nigeria for sixteen years and almost ran the ship of State aground,with unbridled corruption, insecurity and stunted economic growth cannot attract his attention.


Chief (Dr) Azeez Popoola Adeduntan 2023 Oyo state Governorship Hopeful And The Osi Basorun of Ibadan land
Also speaking on the performances of the Oyo state Governor, Adeduntan asserted that based on local and international standards and evidence based performance index, Seyi Makinde is a lackluster leader, with Laiser fair attitude and has failed by all yardsticks.

The performing GOVERNOR attribute is a MEDIA cannot face evidence based scrutiny.

The 2023 Guber hopeful said “look at the performances of governor Makinde,especially in the area of security, he failed woefully.
We now have thugs everywhere in the state, killing and maiming of innocent people is now the order of the day, and the governor keeps buying trucks and lorries for cronies.”-oyo state Pdp chairman,0yo state pdp deputy national chairman,oyo state women leader,religious organizations etc with tax payers money in a state that is supposed to be secular

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“There are now massive infrastructural decay and deficit, only what we now see is bus terminal for his thugs and cronies instead of building lasting infrastructure for the benefit of the people of Oyo State.


Prompt Workers salary which is not a key performing indicator for any government any where in the world -which the press is glorifying him with can no longer be said to be regular again, and the governor continues to boast of payment of salaries on the 25th of every month.

There are massive poverty on the faces of ordinary people of the state ,while the governor continues to enrich his own cronies and party stalwarts to the detriment of the people of the state, no thanks to continued borrowing all around. “

Adeduntan assured that better days are surely ahead for the people of the state and all wrongs of the current administration will be reviewed and corrected.

The status -performing Governor is due to misinformation disinformation,& mal information by some compromised media outlets.
We will present the evidence based results in due course to a misinformed public.
No doubt GOVERNOR SEYI Makinde is doing and had done his best.
His best is however not good enough for the people of OYO STATE-the pace setter-Adeduntan concluded.

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