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I Miss My Babies: Woman Says As She Hold and Spend Time With Her Python Around Other Snakes in Bedroom (Video)



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A Video shared on social media, a traditional healer named Gogo Maweni from Soweto, South Africa, surprised and even scared many people.

The video was posted on February 3, and in it, Gogo Maweni was seen holding a very big snake called a python. What made the video even more surprising was that there were other snakes crawling around on her bed. In her message with the video, she called these snakes her “babies” and said she missed them, which was why she was at her home in Soweto.


A lot of people who saw the video got a bit scared and felt chills down their spines. They couldn’t believe that someone would have so many snakes in their bedroom. Some people even suggested that she should get more dangerous snakes to add to her collection.

The video got a lot of attention on social media, and many South Africans talked about it. Some people were fascinated by it, while others were worried. They thought that having so many snakes might be related to something they called “witchcraft.”


Despite the different opinions, one thing is for sure: Gogo Maweni’s unusual and brave way of living as a traditional healer keeps people in South Africa talking about her. She’s become a famous topic of conversation in the country because of her unique lifestyle with snakes.

@KeithTopG posted: “My granny was a traditional healer, this one is not a traditional healer. These are dark practices which have nothing to do with ancestors.” @NONTU2KO_N wrote:

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