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Childless Couple Searches for Teen Girl Who Abandoned Her Baby in a Café



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Louise and Dawson had been trying to have a baby for a long time to no avail. Suddenly, a teen girl asked them to watch her child because she needed to go to the bathroom at a café. She didn’t return, and the couple was shocked when they found her days later.

Louise and Dawson got married with the hopes of forming a family. They settled in one of the nicest neighborhoods in San Bernardino, California, and started trying for a baby straight away. After a few months, nothing had happened yet, and Louise began to worry.

“Don’t worry, Lou. It doesn’t happen that quickly for everyone. Take your time,” Louise’s mother comforted her. She smiled and hoped for the best. Dawson bought her ovulation and pregnancy tests to keep at home just in case.

But after a year of nothing, Dawson suggested going to a fertility clinic. They met with Dr. Annabella Hyde. “Ok, so you have been trying for a baby for about a year and a half? That’s not that bad. But we’ll get you tested and check things out,” the doctor explained.


They went for testing and discovered that Louise had an inhospitable uterus, and Dawson had a low sperm count. “I’m going to be honest with you. It’s not going to be easy, and there are no guarantees here. But if you want fertility treatments, we can start them right away,” Dr. Hyde said.

They went ahead with the first round of treatments, but nothing happened. Louise was getting more concerned as time passed. She worried that Dawson would leave her, although they both had fertility issues.

Their second round of treatments didn’t show any positive results as well, and it led to one of the biggest fights they’ve ever had because Dawson wanted to stop.

“This situation is too stressful for both of us. They are adding tons of hormones to your body. I’m worried about you!” Dawson claimed.

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“No! We can’t stop right now. We need to keep going. You know what they say, ‘the third time’s a charm!’ I have a feeling about it. We can do it!” Louise insisted desperately.

“Please, honey. You don’t have to put yourself through so much. There are other options—”

“THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS!” she cut him off, screaming.

“Louise, calm down. There’s always adoption,” Dawson reasoned.


“NO! You’re giving up on our dream! If I don’t give you a baby, you’ll leave me for a woman who can! I KNOW IT!” Louise despaired.

Dawson couldn’t deal with her and left for a drive to calm down. He didn’t want to leave his wife. He wanted them to take a step back and rest for a while.

Luckily, by the time he returned, Louise had calmed and apologized for her behavior earlier. Dawson told her he was sorry too, but they decided to see their doctor one last time.

After their third treatment, they stopped at a café for a treat. Suddenly, a teen girl approached them. “Hello! I’m sorry to bother you, but can you watch my baby while I go to the toilet?” the girl asked them.


“Of course!” Louise replied. The girl pushed the stroller closer to them and walked away. Louise cooed at the cute baby girl, and she laughed. Dawson also started interacting with the baby.

“Hey, cutie. She’s adorable. But I feel a little bad for that girl. She can’t be more than 17,” he commented off-handedly.

“Yeah, but she’ll get through it. She looked really mature to me,” Louise said as they kept playing with the baby.

But after 30 minutes, they worried about the teen girl. Louise stood up and checked the bathrooms. No one was inside. She asked the baristas, and one of them remembered seeing the girl exiting through the back door.

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They didn’t know what to do now, but they took the stroller and searched nearby shops. The girl was nowhere to be seen, and it was getting dark. So they took the baby home.

“We have to call the police or take her to a fire station,” Dawson said while Louise fed the baby mashed apple. She looked up at him with a wondering look.

“What if…what if this is our chance?” she said cautiously.

“Honey, I know we desperately want a baby, but this is not the way. We don’t even know her name or have a birth certificate,” Dawson warned.


“Wait, let me check the stroller,” Louise said. Surprisingly, she found a birth certificate. The baby’s name was Lucy, and her mother was Larissa Chen.

“Well, this is enough information for the police to find her. She might regret doing this in a few days,” Dawson said.

“What if we look for her first? Maybe, she wants us to adopt her, and if we get her permission, we don’t have to involve the police in this,” Louise begged. Dawson agreed because he secretly wanted to keep the baby too.

They searched her name online and discovered several people with the same name around their area. They called each person, and none of them was the baby’s mother. But suddenly, they saw her picture on Facebook and discovered where she went to school.


They waited for her across the street from her high school, and she saw them immediately. “What are you two doing here? I left you the baby. GO NOW!” Larissa yelled at them angrily. They were shocked by her response.

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“What if you regret it?” Louise asked.

“I won’t. The baby is eight months old, and I don’t want her. Please leave and don’t find me again,” Larissa snapped and walked away. At this point, Dawson and Louise finally decided to go to the police.

An officer arranged a meeting with a service worker, who was ready to take the baby with her. “We want to adopt her,” Louise pleaded. The CPS lady didn’t have a problem with this, but the police had to investigate the matter first.


Once they were cleared, Louise and Dawson were required to attend foster parent classes and became Lucy’s legal guardians after a few months. They adopted her shortly afterward. Lucy was everything they had ever wanted.

Louise and Dawson never fought anymore since adopting Lucy, and their house was full of laughter. A few years later, Louise got pregnant randomly.

“I thought I couldn’t have children at all, and now, we’re going to have two!” she gushed to Dawson after showing him the pregnancy test.

“I think Lucy healed us,” Dawson said through tears.


What can we learn from this story?

Surprises happen when you least expect them. Dawson and Louise wanted a baby badly, and they were suprised with one eventually.
Getting pregnant can be stressful.

Dawson and Louise couldn’t have a baby at first, probably due to the stress they put on themselves trying to conceive. But they got pregnant years later when they found themselves in a happier place, free of stress.
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