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My wife Went Away with Our Three kids Without Saying a word to Me Now She wants a Divorce- Man Narrates



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This is a very challenging moment in my life. I am at a loss for what to do or who exactly to talk to now. I am in my mid forties and I am married with three kids to a woman I loved dearly. In our seventeen years of marriage, she has made love seem so easy and staying married to her brought me nothing but peace and fulfillment. I was a happy man, my life had meaning and having my wife by my side was all the assurance I needed that God cared about me and meant well for me. This was just a bit of my story until the end of last month. I got home from work in the evening as usual to see everywhere locked. It was quite unusual as my wife always got home before me and was always around to welcome me with her warm embrace and kisses. I felt that perhaps, she went to see her close friend who lived just some streets away.

I called her but her line wasn’t reachable. I went to the kitchen, she made new meals and stored them in the freezer. I was hungry and since she wasn’t close to serve me as she always did, I decided to serve myself and wait for her while I ate. It was a sumptuous meal and I dialed her number again but it wasn’t connecting as well. I didn’t have her friend’s number therefore I could not call her but I knew her house. It was around 8pm and I decided to wait a little more for her. My wife always stuck to the 9pm rule, no matter how much fun she was having outside, she always made sure she got home before 9 so I decided to wait till then before I went to search for her at her friends place but I slept off on the couch. I woke up the next morning only to find out that she wasn’t home neither were the kids. It was a school day so she obviously wasn’t going to travel with the kids just like that. I called her both lines again and this time, they were off.

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I rushed to her friend’s house and met her seeing her husband off to work. She was surprised to see me and I explained everything to her. She couldn’t believe it either, she said my wife called her earlier that day and also dropped by with the kids around 4pm but she never said anything to her nor did she suspect anything. We went in search of my wife and kids, we looked for her everywhere we could and even made a statement at the police station but nothing was happening. None of my neighbors agreed to have seen her two days later, there was still no news about them. I didn’t get a call either so we could not suspect kidnapped. I told her parents and everyone I could and there was news about her. We didn’t quarrel, she kissed me goodbye before I went to work on that day, she also got my gifts two weeks before her mysterious disappearance so I just could not think of anything.

Two weeks later, she called me. I was shocked. She apologized for the way she left. I had a lot of of questions but I wanted her and our home first. I told her I was coming to pick her up from where she was. Coldly, she said she didn’t want the marriage anymore and told me that her lawyer would be coming the next day to serve me the divorce papers so I could sign them. For some minutes I froze, I didn’t understand what she was saying. We had a good marriage. We were madly in love with each other, I have never laid my hands on her, she respected me and gave me peace of mind. I got her presents regularly and we had good memories. I took care of her, I earned well and our kids went to the best schools. Everything wasn’t adding up. Her lawyer came the next day as she said. She takes my calls but maintains that she doesn’t want the marriage anymore.

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I called her yesterday and she said she can send the kids to me if I wanted but they were safe with her and she would give them a good life. She isn’t listening to her parents either. Her mom is convincing me that her daughter isn’t okay but I am going insane, what do I do? She has refused to grant me a video call to see her or my kids. Help me please.

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