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My Jealous Husband Checked My Phone Every Day, I Checked His Only Once and I Discovered The Unexpected – Story of the Day



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My jealous husband started controlling my every move and checking my phone constantly but I found out the truth after just one phone call

I was so in love with Frank I was walking on air. He was my dream man. He was adoring, considerate, tender, and kind and I never imagined he could be anything else, ever.

When Frank proposed six months after we met, I accepted but my father was wary. He told me it would be best to have a log engagement, get to know each other better, but I knew we’d be happy ever after…

And for the first six months of our marriage, everything was exactly as I’d imagined it would be. The first hint I had that Frank was changing came when we were invited to a party and I slipped a sexy little black number he’d always loved seeing me in.


But when I walked out of the bathroom he was frowning. He told me he didn’t want me wearing that dress, he didn’t want men looking at me, thinking about me in THAT way. I was stunned and protested that he’d always liked the dress before…

That was BEFORE, he explained. Now I was his wife. I understood by that that from now on I should be dowdy to the world and sexy only for him. For the sake of peace, I changed my dress. It was a mistake.

Frank became impossible. He’d watch my every move, and I caught him checking my phone several times. When I protested he didn’t even apologize. He said that if I had nothing to hide, I shouldn’t mind!

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I told him it was a question of respect for my right to privacy and he started screaming that I must be cheating if I was so worried about my phone. He locked himself in the bathroom with my phone, reading my messages.


Not long after that Frank started showing up at my work to take me to lunch without warning. Then he started showing up mid-morning just to say hi, or in the middle of the afternoon.

Then he started accusing me of having an affair with my boss, a lovely fatherly man who was happily married for 24 years! I couldn’t believe it, I told Frank he was imagining things, that he needed help.

I was stunned. i put down the phone, picked out my purse and my jacket, and walked out of that door.

He was so enraged about my boss that I quit on the condition that we go to couples’ therapy. Of course, as soon as I resigned, Frank recanted on his promise. Said if there was nothing going on at work, I’d never have resigned.

I was desperate to find a way to reassure Frank that I loved him, that I was faithful and always would be. I suggested we go away together for a week to Mexico, soak up some sun, relax, get our relationship back on track.

The second honeymoon turned out to be a complete disaster. Frank accused med of flirting with the barman, the waiter, and the concierge of the hotel just because I smiled when I thanked them.

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He forbade me to wear a bikini, and I had to wear a t-shirt over my bathing suit because he didn’t want other men lusting after me. It was the longest, most miserable week of my life.

We came back and I wanted to start looking for a new job, but Frank wouldn’t hear of it. He said he earned a lot of money and I didn’t need to work. My life became a nightmare

Frank would call me dozens of times a day, asking me what I was doing, checking what time I went shopping and how long it took me to do my errands. And he kept checking my phone,

I even suspected he had installed an app so he could check where I went. I guess I should have left then, but I loved Frank, and I thought that he was jealous because he loved me so much.


When he realized that I loved him just as much, he’d know his jealousy was irrational, I thought — but I was wrong. One evening after a pleasant dinner with no accusations — almost like old times — Frank went for a quick shower.

I was tidying up the bedroom, getting ready for bed when his phone rang. I saw the identity flashing ‘WORK’ and I thought it might be urgent since it was so I answered the phone.

A woman’s voice on the other end of the line declared that she wanted him ‘right now’ and wasn’t in the mood to wait to be naughty at the office. She said ‘make up an excuse’ your wife’s so stupid she’ll believe anything.

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I was stunned. I put down the phone, picked out my purse and my jacket, and walked out of that door without looking back. I don’t know what Frank thought when he walked out of the shower and found me gone.


I went home to my parents until I could get my life back together again, and I filed for a divorce. I called my old boss and got my job back. I found myself a new apartment and started feeling like my old self.

A year later I was having dinner with my new boyfriend when Frank walked up to us in the restaurant. He started ranting that he’d always known I was a cheater and calling me all kinds of names.

My boyfriend got upset but I told him I’d handle it. I turned to Frank and told him that HE was the cheater and that HE was the one who couldn’t be trusted. He’s been judging me according to his own behavior. not mine.

I told him that I had once truly loved him, but that he’d never deserved that love. I didn’t know him, and his accusations meant that he’d never known me at all. I never saw Frank again.


What can we learn from this story?

1. Trust is the basis of any successful relationship.

2. The untrustworthy find it very hard to trust anyone.

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