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My husband’s family Does!Not like me, I’m tired of Trying After What Happened- Woman Narrates



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Please keep me anonymous. I have not written to a community like this before but now I am forced to. I am a mother of two and I can emphatically say that I am married to one of the best men anyone could think of in this life and I am not saying this just to blow trumpet or to praise my husband just like many other women do. My husband is a very thoughtful man. He cares truly about me and my children. He is always willing to share all he has with us and he seeks my opinion on things and also involves me in core decisions just like a good family man shouldI know my husband loves me and gives me peace. He is not my problem.

My problem is his family members. They treat me badly with so much disdain as if I did something wrong by being with their son. I have been married for four years and since two years now, the mother has never called me not even to check up on the children. I call her but she ignores my call. Sometimes she hangs up. When I call her with another line, she answers but once she hears my voice, she ends the call. I have even gone to beg her for forgiveness even though I don’t know what I did wrong.

I have complained to my husband but he is really a quiet person. He told me to ignore them and focus on our immediate family, especially our children and the bond we share. My mother-in-law visits us sometimes and she rarely speaks to me. She speaks only to her sin and the children. She does things on her own. She doesn’t let me enter her room when she is around, not even to sweep or clean it for her. She doesn’t allow me to dish out food for her, she does it herself directly from the pot. She does things on her own even when I offer to help..

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Her son helps her sometimes but because he is always busy, she always has to do it on her own. My husband’s siblings are not even different. I only speak to one of them, a lady based abroad. She is very different even when she knows her family doesn’t like me, it didn’t change how she sees me. She still calls me, sends money for the kids and the family and even discusses her personal life with me. She is truly a nice person but because she isn’t here, communication isn’t so strong. I don’t know how to approach my mother in-law and my husband’s siblings. I have tried.

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