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My Husband Saw Me Kissing My Boss, But It Didn’t End There



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The other night I read a story about a woman who is catching feelings for her boss. When I read it I laughed in pain because the same thing happened to me. This is my story. I hope someone reads it and picks a lesson or two from it.

James and I met in college when we were both young. Neither of us had done it before so we agreed not to do it until marriage. Our relationship was a smooth ride. How could it not be? When I was with such a loving man as James. He is the kind of man you wouldn’t easily find fault with. You would have to say ten good things about him before you get one bad thing to say about him.

While we were in school, I didn’t joke with my books. I was determined to graduate with a good class so I would get a good job. And we graduated with a good class. James got a job after school, while I didn’t.

When he proposed that we get married, I worried that my lack of financial independence would pose problems in the marriage but James proved me wrong. Right from the time we got married in 2014, to 2019, I was unemployed.


While he took good care of me and our daughter, I was unhappy. I wanted to work so I could also earn my own money. Five years into the marriage, I finally got the job. He was even happier about it than I was. By then we had our daughter, but I found a way to make motherhood, being a wife, and a career woman work. I was able to do it all because…CONTINUE.READING.THE.FULL.STORY.HERE……

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