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My Friend Is Being Mean To Me After I Was Diagnosed With ADHD



My Friend Is Being Mean To Me After I Was Diagnosed With ADHD
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After being officially diagnosed with ADHD, the protagonist of this story found herself struggling to manage her symptoms. Despite her best efforts, staying on task, remembering things, and following a routine were all daily challenges. These struggles extended to her social life as well, as she found it difficult to maintain friendships.

Eventually, after consulting with her doctor, she began taking prescription adderall daily. The effects were life-changing. Suddenly, she felt capable of managing everything in her life. With the help of her doctor, she learned ways to stay organized and pursue the goals and aspirations she had for herself.

Before starting on the medication, the protagonist was eating terribly, never worked out, and felt like she had to stay constantly busy to feel validated. However, adderall allowed her to take control of her life in ways she didn’t know were possible. She started caring about the food she put in her body, making time for exercise, and learned the value of giving herself necessary time to rest and relax.



As a result of these positive changes, the protagonist lost weight, got fit, and saw changes in her body that were beyond her wildest expectations. For the first time in her life, she was happy with her body and felt confident in the way she looked. She also found that adderall helped her professionally, as the focus it provided allowed her to finally obtain a great job that she loved in a STEM field.

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Despite these clear benefits, the protagonist’s friend seemed to constantly bring up the fact that she took adderall. This was often done in a way that seemed to discredit the hard-fought progress that the protagonist had made. If someone complimented her body, the friend would say that it was only due to adderall. If the protagonist talked about how her coworkers liked the way she presented herself at work, the friend would say it was only because of the medication.



The protagonist was increasingly frustrated by this behavior. She knew that she had worked hard to make positive changes in her life, and while adderall had certainly been helpful, it was not the only factor. She also knew that her friend was aware of the positive changes she had made and had been aware of the fact that she took adderall since the beginning.


Despite her frustration, the protagonist was hesitant to confront her friend about the issue. She didn’t want to cause conflict or strain their friendship, but she also knew that she couldn’t continue to tolerate this behavior. Finally, after another lunch where her friend made a comment about the medication, the protagonist decided that enough was enough.



She spoke up, telling her friend that she didn’t appreciate her constantly bringing up the medicine she took. She explained that it made her uncomfortable and that she felt like it was discrediting her hard work and dedication to improving herself. Unfortunately, the friend didn’t react well to this. She rolled her eyes and her husband (who was also prescribed adderall) seemed to take her side. The protagonist felt like she was in the wrong, even though she knew that she had a valid point.

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Moving forward, the protagonist knew that she needed to set clearer boundaries with her friend. She also recognized that she needed to be more confident in her own progress and accomplishments. While adderall had certainly been helpful, it was not the only factor in her success. She had worked hard to make positive changes in her life and was proud of the person she had become. By focusing on this and standing up for herself when necessary, she knew that she could continue to make progress and achieve her goals.


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