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Muslim Woman Stops Tsunami Calling On The Name Of Jesus (Video)



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Hayati is a tsunami survivor from Indonesia who left Islam and converted to Christianity, after the miracle that the Lord Jesus Christ did for her and for her friends and family.

The night before the earthquake, she had a very disturbing dream, She didn’t know what it meant. In the dream she saw she had built her own house, but there was no roof, which is often a symbol of protection, and all around the house there were people crowded all around.

Suddenly there was an earthquake in the morning, I was washing dishes at that time, I told my husband that time in the morning during the earthquake, “Maybe this is the sign that many people will die, I dreamt about it last night.” Then, about 1 minute later, the earthquake stopped, so we went out, “Let’s get out, let’s get out,” and the sea waters, which appeared like the huge dark wouldn’t bulge as they were tossed through tall coconut trees, came. Where shall we go? Where shall we go? They all asked me.


I became so confused, there was a Church just very close and I said, this is the house of God, It is the house of God, let’s all go in. I prayed, I forgot I was a Muslim.

I prayed like a Christian, I said, Dear God, dear Lord, please protect us, do not destroy us, oh God, do not be angry with us, oh God; forgive us, forgive our sins, Lord Jesus, do not forsake me. Everyone was shouting, Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, Suddenly, the waters stopped about 1 meter away.

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The water has stopped!!! We were shouting, Thank you Jesus, Everyone believes the Lord Jesus has saved us at that time.

In times of crisis, the real depth of our hearts comes out.

Hayati and her family have now received life, which is in Christ Jesus, along with those villagers around her, from a recent tsunami disaster that hit Indonesia.

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