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“I’m a Woman”: Nigerian Lady Who Looks Exactly Like Man Goes Viral, TikTok Video Shows Musculine Body



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  • An intelligent Nigerian lady has gone viral on TikTok because she looks and acts exactly like a man
  • In a video, the lady said clearly that she is a woman, contrary to what many who don’t know her would think
  • The lady who is a barber once contested for Miss Nigeria Beauty Peagent in 2010 but did not clinch the crown

TikTok video has shown a Nigerian lady who resembles a man in physical appearance.

In a video posted by @cummonman, the lady spoke with an air of masculinity and general mannerisms.

The lady named Tolani said she is a female barber but is currently struggling financially.

Nigerian lady who looks like man surprises people with her intelligence
She said clearly in the video that she is a woman, surprising people who would want to think otherwise.

One thing that struck people in the video is her way of talking which gave her off as a knowledgeable person.

Those who saw the video noticed she spoke with good English and air of confidence, which endeared him to many people.

Tolani said she does not have a good phone and that she needs a smart phone. Someone in the comment section offered to buy her one.

It was revealed in the video that Tolani contested for the 2010 Miss Nigeria Beaut Peagant but was not successful.

Watch the video below:

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