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79-Year-Old Getting Pulled Over for Speeding Is Stunned When Cop Offers to Help Hook Up TV



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Getting pulled over for speeding almost always results in a hefty fine but this is one shocking story you don’t want to miss! A 79-year-old getting pulled over for speeding is stunned when the cop offers to help up hook up a TV.

Officer Kevin Coates pulled over a 79-year-old man named David who wasn’t having a very good day. David’s life was full of frustrating and heartbreaking circumstances that finally brought him to a breaking point

This man is a loving husband and father. His wife had been ill for quite a while and he was also walking a hard journey with this son through mental illness. David wanted to do something sweet and nice for his wife. So, he bought a new TV.

But David hasn’t bought a new TV in years. He was used to using televisions before they became high-tech. Because he isn’t very tech-savvy he couldn’t get the TV to work. He didn’t realize how fast he was driving until he was getting pulled over for speeding by Officer Kevin pulled him.


“I really try not to drive right,” David said with tears in his eyes. “I bought a new television today because I wanted to make my wife happy, you know, and I can’t get it hooked up.”

What happens next will utterly shock you and perhaps make you feel a little misty-eyed.

Officer Surprises Man Getting Pulled Over For Speeding
Instead of giving David a ticket, the kind officer listened to David and let him vent his frustrations. The officer did something else that was incredibly generous. He offered to come to David’s house after his shift to help him hook up his TV.

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Later on that evening, Officer Kevin arrived at David’s house with two of his friends — Officers Remi Verougstraete and Jeremy Jaushevich — to get the TV up and running. The three officers then spent additional time showing David how to work the new TV and how to switch between the local channels and the cable channels.


There’s a phrase that’s becoming popular and it certainly applies to this case: “Be kind to those you meet. You never know the battles they’re facing.” And these kind officers certainly embodied that statement. They went above and beyond to help a stranger carrying a heavy load of taking care of his family.

Act Of Kindness Inspires Others
The officer’s Lieutenant Mario Bastianelli was very proud of Officers Kevin, Remi, and Jeremy. He said, “I think the world needs a little bit more acts of kindness like this. It was a great showing of a lot of [what] law enforcement does across the nation day-to-day that doesn’t get publicized.” He added, “We’re very proud of our officers for stepping outside the box and going above and beyond what they normally do to help our citizens.”

We couldn’t agree more. What a beautiful way to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a very simple way. This story definitely deserves to be shared. Perhaps it will spark you or someone you know to find ways to show kindness to others too!

“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” Colossians 3:12

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