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I Lost my job and my wife has not Been Supportive at All. She has Become Wayward- Man Laments



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I Lost my job and my wife has not Been Supportive at All. She has Become Wayward- Man Laments

I recently lost my job due to some problems and my life has been a living hell since then. I used to work in a construction company and I made a lot of money from there. My annual earning was enough to secure a land and a house for us in one of the top locations here in Abuja. It is an estate and I got to associate more with other elite people in Abuja. My wife and I have four kids, two of which are in secondary school. The third is in junior class while the last is barely 10. This is to let you know how many years we have lived together as couples.

I have been a very caring husband and I have always provided for my family and relatives. My wife’s family does not lack anything. I built a house for them and sent my wife’s younger brother to US to study. My wife too used to be very loving, welcoming and helpful until recently. When I lost my job, things changed. I was still able to take care of my family because I had savings and a side business fetching me money but they didn’t last for long. I ran out of money and I expected my wife to at least be considerate and help me out but she didn’t.

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She stopped making exquisite meals as before and gradually, we only fed twice a day. She became less caring and turned to a completely nagging wife. All she did was make silly comments about how I am unemployed and unable to feed my family, the basic and simplest responsibility of any real man. She became totally disrespectful and did what she wanted. Mind you, my wife earns well, she owns a known fashion school which I helped her to open. It costed me a lot of money but I did it wholeheartedly because she was my wife. Now things have changed and she doesn’t even respect me anymore.


I can’t even hold a genuine conversation with her as my wife. Searching for a job too is not being easy. My side businesses are not giving me enough money to take care of my family as usual and my wife has become wayward. She returns home very late in the night and when I ask her questions she ignores me and walks into the room. The first two days she came back home late, I excused it that she might have had a busy day at work but then it continued. My wife has workers so she doesn’t really do much at work so I was very uncomfortable with her sudden late nights.

About three weeks later, things got worse and she started sleeping out without any explanation. We have a nanny so cooking and cleaning was not a problem but the kids needed her. My wife started going out with men, one of which lived in same estate as us. When I found out, I was furious and I slapped her, she left the house for three days and when she returned, she only spoke to our kids and bought them gifts. Things have gotten worse now. I am jobless and my wife no longer treats me like the husband I am. I am very unhappy now and I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

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