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I Kicked My Sister Out of My House for Ruining My Wife’s Birthday – Story of the Day



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After a tough year, I wanted to give my wife a great birthday dinner, but my sister ruined everything with her selfishness. When I threw her out, my parents were angry and revealed something I didn’t know.

The past year was tough on every family worldwide, but my wife, Shannon, had the hardest time. She started working from home and had to supervise both our daughters’ online classes. Meanwhile, my job never stopped, and I worked even more hours.

My sister, Valerie, was in college but had to return home when schools closed. She didn’t want to live with our parents again and asked to live with me because we had a spare room. Valerie also offered to help with the children in between her own online classes.

“Wouldn’t you rather get an apartment with your college roommates? You would have more privacy and freedom that way,” I asked her.


“No, my roommates were nightmares. This is a great chance to get away from them, and I want to be with family during this weird time,” Valerie explained. I spoke to Shannon about it, and we both agreed that it sounded like a perfect idea.

Valerie was the perfect house guest for the first few days, and she helped out with the kids. But about a week later, she became a huge slob. She wouldn’t help with the kids at all, and my wife was more stressed than ever, though she was too polite to say anything to her.

“If you want her out of the house, you can tell me, Shannon. She can go live with our parents,” I told my wife one night when I got home and saw how tired she was.

“No, Aaron. It’s alright. We can’t do that to family. She’s not really doing anything wrong. It’s just that she promised to help with the girls but doesn’t leave her room all day,” Shannon explained.


“That was part of the offer. I should remind her about it,” I replied.

“No! Sweetie, it’s not really her responsibility. I can manage. The girls have finally gotten into a groove, and it’s getting better. It’ll be fine,” my wife continued.

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About a year went by, and the world crisis had changed. People were returning to work, and life seemed almost normal again. We got used to having Valerie around, even if she was a bit self-centered. But my wife’s birthday was coming up, and I wanted to do something special after such a tough time.

So I planned for her to have an all-day session at the spa. Valerie saw me purchasing the expensive spa package and decided she wanted to join. “I want to go too! Can you buy me a ticket too? Please!” she begged.


“I’m sorry, Val. But this is a special birthday present for Shannon. She really needs to relax, and I know she loves going to spas alone,” I began. “Also, tomorrow, I’m having a romantic dinner with her here at home. Can you stay with one of your friends?”

Agh, that’s not fair. You can’t buy me a ticket, and you want me to leave the house?” Valerie whined.

“Please, Valerie. The girls will stay with Mom and Dad. Shannon and I need some time to ourselves,” I almost begged.

“Fine. Ugh…can my friend, Caroline, come over in the afternoon, though? We have a project and can’t do it at her house,” Valerie asked.


That’s fine. As long as you leave by 6 p.m.,” I answered. The following day, I surprised Shannon with the spa tickets, and she left early to take advantage of the entire package. Meanwhile, I got to work in the kitchen.

I was preparing a romantic dinner for the both of us. I even set the table with our fanciest china and cloth napkins like a restaurant. Everything was going to be perfect tonight, especially the chocolate birthday cake I prepared from scratch. I even added birthday candles on top.

I was still cooking when Valerie and her friend showed up. They went to her room and played music for hours. I finished my wife’s birthday dinner around 5 p.m. and went upstairs to shower, hoping that Valerie and her friend would leave soon.

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But when I came downstairs, I saw red. Valerie and Caroline had helped themselves to dinner and were eating at the table I had set up. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” I bellowed


Yeesh! You scared me. What does it look like I am doing? I’m eating!” Valerie answered, looking puzzled at my anger.

“That food was not for you, and you know it!” I continued yelling.

“Lower your voice. You’re scaring Caroline. And you need to calm down. There’s plenty of food left, and we only ate two pieces of that chocolate cake in the fridge,” Valerie continued, obviously to my anger.

Yeah, it wasn’t that good anyway,” Caroline added. Valerie laughed, and I couldn’t take it anymore.


“GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!” I screamed.

“Fine. It’s 6 p.m. I’m leaving as I promised,” Valerie muttered with her hands up.

“NO! Pack your things and get out of my house. You are not coming back here!” I said, trying to calm myself.

“What?! You can’t do that to me over some stupid dinner!” Valerie replied.


“This is my house, and you have overstayed your welcome. Get out and take your nasty friend with you!” I spat as I started to clean up the mess they had left on my fancy-decorated table.

Fine! I didn’t want to live here anymore anyway!” Valerie said and stomped to her room. Caroline waited awkwardly by the front door, but my sister came down quickly with her things. They left in a huff while I stayed in the kitchen, trying to come up with a new plan for dinner

I couldn’t believe my sister’s cavalier and selfish attitude. She knew this dinner was important and ruined it on purpose. When Shannon returned home from the spa, I had to tell her what happened. “I just couldn’t take it, baby,” I finished.

“Listen. I’m honestly relieved. I wanted her out for months. She’s so selfish, talks down to the kids, and doesn’t clean after herself,” Shannon replied. “This is for the best. We can order something delicious for dinner.”

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But later that night, my father called in anger. “HOW CAN YOU THROW AWAY YOUR SISTER JUST LIKE THAT?” he bellowed through the phone. I tried explaining my side of the story, but Valerie obviously told him something else.

He calmed down enough for me to explain. “Dad, I’m sorry. Her actions were incredibly selfish, and I’m tired of putting up with it. Shannon is tired too. She never even apologized,” I said.

“It’s just food, Aaron. She’ll apologize with time. It’s disgraceful to throw your family out like that,” Dad hedged.

No! That’s enough. We’re tired. She will never apologize. She can go back to live in the dorms,” I told him.


“She can’t. She was actually kicked out of college before she moved in with you. She failed every single class and got in trouble with her roommates. She doesn’t have anywhere to go,” Dad added.

“What? So she’s been sleeping all day in our spare room for more than a year? She told me that her campus closed, and she was taking online classes! That only solidifies my decision, Dad. I’m not going to enable her self-centered ways anymore. Bye!” I retorted and hung up.

My parents called our home several times over the next few days, hoping that I would forgive Valerie. But I couldn’t and threatened to cut them off if they continued. Eventually, they had to kick Valerie out of their house and apologized to me.

I haven’t heard anything about Valerie since.


What can we learn from this story?

Selfishness is one of the worst qualities imaginable. Valerie was so self-centered that she ruined their dinner but got punished for it.

The truth always comes out. It took them a while, but Aaron and Shannon finally discovered the truth about Valerie’s college. Lies will always fall apart in the end.

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