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“I don’t care, I’m addicted to her” – Man proposes to girlfriend who was rejected by his family and friends



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A Nigerian man has announced his decision to wed his albino girlfriend who was rejected by his family and friends.
He narrated how he fell in love with the lady and introduced her to his family who quickly kicked against the union.

However, he announced that he’s addicted to the lady, and has gone ahead to propose to her, a proposal which she happily accepted.

Sharing their love story via tiktok, he wrote:

We were friends for a year, during our friendship, we fell in love with each other.


I introduced her to my family and friends. Unfortunately, all of them are against our relationship. I don’t care about them. Cause I’m so addicted to her

It’s been two years of relationship now. I proposed to her today and she said yes.”

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