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I Checked My Husband’s Phone and Found a Message from His Boss’ Wife, Truth Came Out — Story of the Day



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My husband treated me horribly while preparing for a visit from his boss and his wife, but when I grabbed his phone, I discovered a horrible truth that ruined everything

Tonight is an important night of my life. My boss needs to see our house in a perfect state. Are you listening to me, Dana?” my husband said, irate as always. I had gotten used to him speaking to me this way.

“Yes, Wade. I’ve made your boss’s favorite dish, and it’s perfect,” I replied. He was looking at his phone the entire time, and I was beginning to get suspicious.

Not just the food, Dana! The house is a mess. There’s dirt everywhere. Clean it!” he continued. I wondered why he wouldn’t do that himself, but he was that kind of man. Honestly, my marriage was already in shambles at this point.


I was tired of being spoken to like that, but my family was extremely traditional. My parents wouldn’t understand why I wanted to divorce him even if he hadn’t done anything visibly terrible. Emotional abuse was not enough in their books.

But I had already talked to several lawyers because I couldn’t take it anymore. They drafted the divorce papers, and I was waiting for the perfect moment to give them to him. I knew that Wade was up to something, but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what.

For now, I played the role of dutiful wife. Maybe he would be happier once he got this promotion he had allegedly been working so hard for. I cleaned our house once more, finished cooking our dinner, and waited for tonight

Hello! Welcome! Come in, Mr. Cobb. Good evening, Mrs. Cobb. It’s so nice to see you,” I heard my husband say to our guests after opening the door.


“Hey, Wade. Wow, this is a nice house, and it smells delicious. Hello there! I’m Jerry Cobb,” Mr. Cobb said when he saw me hovering nearby.

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Ah yes, Mr. Cobb. This is my wife, Dana. Dana, this is my boss and his wife, Alexandra Cobb,” Wade added.

“Hello. It’s so nice to meet you both. My husband has told me so much about you and the amazing work you’re doing for the community,” I greeted them. “Please, sit down. What would you both like to drink?”

“Oh, I was hoping for a tour of the house,” Alexandra said, surprising her husband and me.


“Honey, that’s not necessary,” Mr. Cobb said.

That’s alright. I’d be delighted to give you a tour, Mrs. Cobb. Let’s start upstairs,” Wade added suddenly.

“Thank you, Wade. You’re such a darling,” Alexandra said and smiled at my husband. The way they looked at each other made me suspicious, but Mr. Cobb didn’t seem to notice anything strange.

They both went upstairs while I made drinks for everyone. But they were taking too long. “Let me just check that everything is alright with them,” I said and excused myself from Mr. Cobb before heading upstairs. However, I had to stop right before reaching the second story as I could hear their voices.


Everything is going smoothly, Wade. Tonight my husband will offer you a promotion. He does anything I want him to. So, it was so easy,” I heard Mrs. Cobb’s voice say.

“Oh, Alex. You’re just the best woman in the world. This is perfect. I’ll move up in this company in no time and take over it in a few years,” Wade continued. I couldn’t believe my husband was in cahoots with Mr. Cobb’s wife, but I kept listening.

“Don’t you have something for me?” Alexandra asked.

Of course, my darling,” Wade answered, and then I heard the unmistakable sound of kissing. I turned around to go downstairs but knocked something over in my haste. They must have heard me, but they couldn’t know I had listened to their conversation.

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So my husband and Mrs. Cobb were having an affair. She was actually helping him get a promotion at her husband’s company. Both of them were terrible human beings, but I needed more evidence.

“Dinner is ready!” I said, faking cheerfulness when they finally came down. We all sat at our beautifully arranged table and started eating. Mr. Cobb announced that despite my husband’s lack of experience, he was getting that promotion

Let’s pop the champagne,” Wade yelled happily. He went to get the bottle and glasses while I discreetly took his phone and placed it in my pocket.

Excuse me, just a second, everyone. I’ll be right back,” I said. I went to our bedroom and checked Wade’s phone. Just as I suspected, there were tons of messages between him and Alexandra. She was his mistress, after all.


I screenshotted their message history and sent them to my phone. These pictures would serve me in court. When I returned, Mr. Cobb suggested playing a “Who Am I?” game where one person had to guess the name written on a card placed on their forehead.

Mrs. Cobb wrote “Beyoncé” and placed it on her husband’s forehead. He guessed it quickly and started dancing to Single Ladies. Everyone was seemingly having a fun time, but it was my turn. So I wrote “My husband’s mistress” and placed it on Mrs. Cobb’s forehead.

My husband’s face paled, and Mr. Cobb stared wide-eyed at the card. “Am I a real person?” Alexandra asked.

“Oh, you’re very real,” I said.


“Ok. Am I someone you know?” Alexandra asked again.

Yes. You know everyone here,” I replied. Wade looked increasingly uncomfortable, and Mr. Cobb’s face started to turn red.

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“Dana, that’s enough,” Wade tried to stop, but Alexandra asked another question.

“Do I work at my husband’s company?” she wondered.


“No, but this person is trying to screw Mr. Cobb over. In fact, she is sitting right in front of me,” I quipped. She frowned, still not getting what was going on.

What is the meaning of this, Alexandra?” Mr. Cobb finally yelled.

“What is going—” she tried to ask but was interrupted.

“Mr. Cobb. That’s not true. My wife is just joking. She’s like that,” Wade insisted.


“No. It’s the truth, and I can send you their conversations, Mr. Cobb,” I continued

You can forget about my company, Wade. You’re fired! Please, send me those conversations, Dana. They’ll be helpful during my divorce because our prenup has a strict infidelity clause. You won’t get a single penny from me, Alexandra!” Mr. Cobb yelled and left.

“DANA! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?” Wade screamed at me while Alexandra started crying.

“Excuse me? You cheat on me and blame me for outing you? Now, that’s crazy. Luckily, I’ve already prepared my own divorce papers. Good luck with your life, Wade. See you in hell, ex-Mrs. Cobb!” I said, took my ring off, and went upstairs to pack my bags.


I finally got away from my horrible husband and didn’t look back for a second.

What can we learn from this story?

  1. Don’t stay in abusive relationships. There are different kinds of abuse, and emotional abuse is one of the worst. Be brave!
  2. Listen to your gut. If you think something fishy is going on, there’s a big chance you’re right.
  3. The truth will always come out in the end. Lies have a way of falling apart to reveal the truth.
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