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I Am on Wheel Chair Today Because of SARS And I Don’t Know if I will Ever Walk again – Depressed man shares



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A Nigerian man who joined the protest on a wheel chair has this to say.

See his story:

Its been such a painful experience the past few months of me staying in Lagos. I am about 28 now and still a young man.

That awful day I was in the car with a friend, the car was not mine but for my friend but we were both young guys. This my friend has a legit Job and I know it infact I think he took that car on loan and he pays installmentally.


That afternoon we were stopped by some policemen on mufti which I believe are SARS men. They were looking drunk and tattered and so I challenged them that Oga you wey don drink wan search us ? I think that was my mistake…. He ordered us to come down and as I was trying to say am sorry that I was just teasing then I heard “Gboo” on my back it was his Gun…. He used his Gun to hit me on my back and I fell at the spot.

They tried to lift me up but I realized I was in so much pain that I couldn’t raise my back again but they thought I was proving stubborn and didn’t want to stand up so they hit me the second time with the Gun. It was then I started crying like a baby cos I felt something has broken in my back.

My brother knelt and started begging that they forgive me and that it seems my back-bone don break, he said it jokingly not knowing it really broke. on realizing that I was in real pain and not fake, they left me and zoomed off then my brother rushed me to a nearby hospital were I was referred to another hospital and then to another until they did scan and realized that I had fractured my backbone or so and I think a bit of my spinal cord….

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We tried to get a lawyer and sue the Nigerian police but they adviced that it will be a waste of time that I will still have to get a police report and they wont give me once they realize its one of their men.

Right now I am in a wheel chair because of SARS and even if I can’t fight back now, those men will not know peace. Their children back bone too will break to pieces and even their leg so he will feel the same pain I am feeling.


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