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Husband Strangled His Pregnant Wife To Death Then Called 911. But, Why He Killed Remains A Mystery



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A man called 911 to say that he found his wife dead on their bed. It turned out he was the killer.

Now, the husband who strangled his pregnant wife to death will spend decades behind bars.

Recently, a judge in Michigan sentenced Richard Guichelaar, 36, to at least 33 years behind bars. He was previously admitted to killing his wife, Amber. She was a local teacher and mother of two, according to the Associated Press.

“You killed her intentionally,” Kent County Judge Mark Trusock said, the AP noted. “There’s just no excuse or justification for this brutal and senseless murder. There’s none whatsoever.”


Guichelaar previously pleaded guilty to murder and assault of a pregnant individual, intentionally causing a stillbirth or miscarriage. No motive has ever been released for the killing, according to media reports.

Around 3:30 a.m. on Nov. 16, 2020, Guichelaar called 911 and said he found Amber dead on their bed, according to

Police considered the death suspicious, and an autopsy determined she was assaulted before she died. The cause of death was strangulation, according to

Investigators said Richard Guichelaar was the only person who could have caused the injuries.

Richard Guichelaar told a judge during his sentencing he wanted to express sorrow and regret for what happened.


“My wife was a wonderful human being, a wonderful mother, daughter, granddaughter. I’m ready to accept responsibility for what I did,” he said, according to Mlive.

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Still, Trusock thew the book at the killer and said he didn’t think Guichelaar should ever be set free.

“What you did to your wife, your children, to the family of Amber and her friends, is beyond comprehension, quite frankly,” he said, and Mlive noted.

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