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Homeless Man Gave His Last Piece of Bread to a Lost Boy, and the Next Day The Unexpected Happened – Story of the Day



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A homeless man shared his last meal with a boy he had never met before, and the next day, he woke to a new life and a new beginning.

John was wasting away. He was an old man in his late sixties and lived in a large mansion that had been his family’s for several generations. It boasted ten rooms, all equipped with bath suites and toilets, and it was located in a beautiful neighborhood.

It was prime estate, and he knew it, but that did not make him feel any better, especially since he had to live in the building all by himself. Sometimes, he imagined the sounds of running feet in his hallways, but he knew it was too late for him.

He had tried his hand at love and had failed miserably, which is why he now had to live alone. In truth, John had never pictured himself as someone who would grow old alone, but it was the hand he had been dealt.


John had been married once to a woman named Joseline. She was a beautiful woman with an equally nasty temper and an affinity for manipulation, though he only came to the realization after their separation.

He could recall it now, clear as day. They had been a happy couple in the first few months of their marriage. Perhaps it had been the novelty of newlyweds firing their hormones, and when that disappeared, things started to spiral out of hand.

Joseline, who could never go a day without confessing her love for him, was suddenly not saying much about how she felt. Instead, her giggles became complaints, and her radiant smile transformed into stormy anger triggered by the most trivial of things.

It was worse because she refused to acknowledge her faults but quickly blamed everything wrong on him. He could remember one particular event when really hit a nerve.


It happened before he retired as a furniture maker. He had just returned from work when she confronted him about missing out on a concert she should have gone to.

They only had one car which he had taken to work that day. Some clients had called in with impromptu orders that took him time to attend to, hence his tardiness. Joseline didn’t care

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“I’m your wife,” she said. “I should take precedence over your work!”

“My work feeds us in this house, Joseline,” John replied. “If I had to leave it all the time to satisfy your whims, we would be dead broke.”


She did not listen to reason, and that was her usual MO. Years passed, and they welcomed a child, but motherhood only made Joseline more unreasonable.

The fights only increased in frequency, and though he tried to avoid the arguments for the sake of their daughter, she only got more inventive with her bitterness.

John could think of no reason why she suddenly fell out of love with him. Eventually, he decided to divorce her, but even that did not go as planned. Joseline warned him against it and even threatened to disappear with his daughter should he proceed.

He had been young and perhaps rash, so he thought she would calm down after the divorce was settled. But unfortunately, that was not the case, and when it was done, she packed her bags, took their daughter, and vanished from his life.


He had been alone ever since, and he missed his daughter terribly. “Nothing for it,” he thought. “Life is life.”

But one day, John heard a knock on his door. He opened it to find a young woman holding on to a child’s hand. He was shocked. The woman looked just like his wife, and yet it was not her. Her words undid him.

“Hello father,” she said.

John was overcome with joy, but before he could react, she revealed that his former wife was dead.


“Why weren’t you at the funeral?” she asked.

He explained that he had not been aware of her mother’s demise, so he was also unaware of her funeral. But like her mother, she was not willing to listen.

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You’re always coming up with excuses for your shortcomings,” she retorted.

John smiled as she went on and on about his faults, and for some reason, she reminded him of his late ex-wife. They were no different.


Eventually, she revealed she came because she had nowhere to live. His granddaughter, Rose, chipped in to reveal that she had also wished to meet him, which made him happy.

He refused to give his home to his daughter, so she left with her child. However, she was kind enough to bring her by once a week so the tot could spend some time with him.

John enjoyed the visits and had even taken to making the little girl wooden toys for when she visited. One day, little Rose asked him to make her a wooden toy in her likeness, and he agreed.

He waited expectantly the following week to show it off, but she never came. He stopped expecting after the third week, and by the fourth, a call from his daughter came in.


Rose had been in an accident, and she needed urgent surgery. However, it was expensive, and she had no money, so she asked that he sell his house and transfer the money to her, which he did out of love for his grandchild.

His daughter promised to let him move in with her at her place so he knew he would not be homeless. But it came as a shock to him when he discovered that she had lied to him. Nothing had been wrong with Rose, and his daughter deceived him as revenge for leaving her with Joseline all those years ago.

He cried as he moved from street to street, homeless and without a penny, until one evening, a young boy who was lost approached him.

Could you help me, mister?” the boy asked him.


John listened, and when he learned the boy was separated from his family during an excursion and was now all alone and hungry, he offered him his last meal and delivered the boy to the police station before turning in for the night.

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The following day, he woke up to see the boy and his father standing before him. The father thanked him for helping his son and offered him breakfast. At the restaurant, they talked, and the man learned of all the ill that had been done to John.

In return for helping his son, the boy’s father, a rich businessman, rented an apartment for John and got him a store to sell his wooden toys. He made good sales from that business.

One day, he received a call from his daughter. He figured the rich man had spoken to her. But rather than beg for his forgiveness, his daughter simply wanted to know to whom he would leave his property. He promised that Rose would get it, and she cut the call



The next day, Rose was in his store, and his daughter texted to tell him that the girl had become his business. She was leaving the country with her lover and would no longer care for the child.

John did not mind at all and from that day on, cared for Rose like his own child. She grew up into a successful social worker and eventually married the boy whose father saved him from the streets. John was fulfilled, and when he passed away, he was satisfied with his achievement.

What lessons can be learned from this story?

  • Family is important. John would have died a lonely man if his estranged daughter had not returned. When she did, she brought his grandchild, who added more color to his life. He died peacefully, knowing he left a legacy behind.
  • Marriage should not be rushed. John marrying Joseline started the chain of events that led him to where he had been. She was the wrong woman for him, and it showed in the way she acted until her demise. A marriage is a long-term commitment and should be entered into with careful consideration to avoid ending up with the wrong person.
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