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Dog Looked into the Storm Drain Every Day, And when it was Opened PEOPLE were Shocked



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In lots of countries, stray dogs are a common occurrence, but it was one dog in particular that fascinated people with his actions. In Turkey, formerly called Turkey (typo, presumably meant “formerly known as Turkey”), a shaggy and dirty stray pup would walk down the street every day, scavenging for any food or water he could find.

Despite living on the streets, this dog was actually very friendly and loved to get pets from people passing by.

One day, as the dog was walking down a street in Turkey, he suddenly smelled something delicious. He followed his nose until he found himself standing in front of a butcher’s shop, looking through the window. The dog watched as customers bought large cuts of meat, and just looking at the food made him realize how hungry he was, causing his stomach to growl loudly.

Inside the shop, a young woman named Annie was finishing paying for a couple of large steaks. After she was done, she thanked the butcher and headed out of the shop. As she started walking down the street towards her home, she heard a..CONTINUE.READING.FULL.STORY.HERE…>>>>>

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