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Cult Leader Arrested After He Forcefully Made His Followers To Eat His Feces And Drink His Urine To Save Them From Diseases In Thailand (Video)



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Cult Leader Arrested After He Forcefully Made His Followers To Eat His Feces And Drink His Urine To Save Them From Disease, 11 People Died (Video)

In Thailand, it was recently reported that Tawee Nanlan was apprehended by authorities after 11 bodies were found inside his home. The discovery was made public after a person made a complaint against him, accusing him of being a “cult leader” who forced his followers to carry out inhumane acts.

It seems that the complaint had immediate effect, since after being apprehended by the police, the man who is nicknamed “Joseph” insisted that “he had not forced anyone to follow him” and that everyone at his home was their voluntarily. The 11 bodies found on his property are still being investigated.

A case that seems like something from a horror movie or crime drama is unfolding in Thailand. It involves an alleged cult leader who engaged in “savage” and “disgusting” acts that have terrified the community. Tawee Nanlan is a 74-year-old man who calls himself “the father of all religions.”


Tawee Nanlan, also known as “Joseph”, is the leader of a new cult who proclaimed that “his body would save humanity.” He urges his followers to eat and drink his waste and bodily fluids in order to be saved from diseases. This man’s revolting acts were discovered after a complaint by a woman who witnessed something shocking.

CULT LEADER ARRESTED THAILAND: 11 BODIESThe leader of this new cult was arrested by Thai authorities after a person claimed that she saw her mother do something disgusting at Nanlan’s request. The police went to investigate and found more than 11 bodies inside the home. The images that have been circulating on the internet show the scale of the horror.

The incident began on May 8, when Thai police seized Nanlan’s house in search of the evidence that was disclosed in the complaint from a relative of one of his followers. The house is located in the middle of the jungle in the Thai province of Chaiyaphum, according to LAD BIBLE. Filed Under: Cult Leader Arrest Thailand

Local media reported the incident and also the “horrifying” acts that people belonging to the cult were required to perform. In the statements, followers said that Nanlan performed a ceremony in the forest where they were required to eat his feces and drink his urine.

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Once this disturbing information became known, authorities stated that police teams quickly arrested Nanlan after they discovered the bodies, including five coffins outside the shelter, one of which contained a dead baby, according to Thai outlet Tele1. Filed Under: Cult Leader Arrest Thailand

After Nanlan admitted that he was the leader of the cult, he assured the authorities that all of his followers had chosen to eat and drink his excrement at their own risk. In addition, he indicated that at no time were they forced to follow the rules of the sect and they were free to leave, according to LAD BIBLE.


“I didn’t force anyone to stay here or do anything they didn’t want to do,” the leader stated to investigators after he was apprehended at the scene where the bodies were found. At the time of his arrest, several of his followers tried to free their leader from the police and some women were crying.

It was reported that the cult leader’s arrest was made after authorities received a complaint from a woman identified as Khun Jenjira, 53, from Khon Kaen province. In the woman’s statements, they noted that her 80-year-old mother was staying at the Nanlam residence and was not allowed to visit her anymore.

“I went to visit my mother. I saw how women were forced to follow a dress code by wearing a knee-length sarong and men had to wear formal trousers. Everyone had to remove their shoes before entering the site. But what was even more shocking was that I saw my mother rub the leader’s phlegm on her face and she ate the man’s dandruff,” Khun Jenjira told authorities.

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