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Blind man commended for choosing to hawk locally-made soap after graduation



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A visually impaired man identified as Israel has gotten the attention of well-meaning people after he was spotted selling on the streets of Lagos.

A Lagos resident known on Twitter as @RealAjahBoy, saw him selling liquid soap around Yaba area of the state and decided to speak with him.

Israel reportedly graduated from a school for the blind and decided to start selling the locally manufactured liquid soap instead of continually searching for job.

The Twitter user shared photos of Israel an wrote;


This is Mr Israel, a completely BLIND MAN selling LIQUID Soap in Yaba. He went into soap selling after graduating from school of the blind.

Can we pls help him? Pls retweet till his helpers see this.

”I was somewhere in Yaba getting a job done yesterday and it was tiring, so I decided to take a walk, and I heard someone right behind me saying “buy your liquid soap” and when he passed me, I saw him with his stick almost walked into a packed car by the street.

Had to engage him and we got talking. I supported him with the little I had on me and got his contact to reach out to him. I got really emotional and encouraged as well.”


Social media users also attested to having seen him hawking and hoped that he would get the needed support

@prettycachy; I have seen him and patronised all the liquid soap he had on him that day. He is truly blind I can confirm this 100%.

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@LivinusGloria; Lord pls may he get the help he deserves. This got me in my feelings

@healer_fisayor; I’ve seen this man in Sagamu market several times. I’m happy this day later come. I always wish I had the opportunity to help him.


@Adedayo_2; He should not be hawking.. Maybe having a store will be good

@Paulnikc; May God double your hussle my brother ijn!!

@Zixcoal; I’ve seen him around Tejuosho complex several times. Thanks for talking about him here. He really needs our help. God bless.

@Lexcreativ; Please if you see him and you have spare patronize and leave some change with him.

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