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Young People Today Want to Start Driving Range Rover Without Hard Work – Jackie Appiah Fires Dubai Potty Slay Queens



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Actress Jackie Appiah hit out at today’s youth for being in a rush to make it in life without going through the necessary hard processes it takes to succeed.

Appiah said in an interview that it takes time to build up enough capacity to be successful, but today’s young people do not have that patience.

She advised them to relax and work hard for success without thinking of any shortcuts.

Jackie used herself as an example and said she had to go through a lot of tough times before finally making it.


She said someone sitting back might think they want to be like Jackie Appiah, but they have to go through what she went through before they can be like her.

Appiah opined that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

“The youth out there should be patient. Everyone is in a rush these days. They want to wake up and drive Range Rover…they don’t want to climb the steps of life.

“You start from somewhere, you starts mall before you get big,” Jackie said.


Appiah used the analogy of a baby to explain herself – a baby doesn’t walk from birth but goes through stages such as lying on its stomach, crawling and then eventually, walking.

She advised young people to relax and go through the process before they can make it in life.

Recently, news went viral of young ladies going to Dubai to be debased just to make some coins and live a glamorous social media life.

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If you’re patient, as Jackie advocates – why would you do that to yourself?

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