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Woman Killed An Elderly Man And Buried Him In A Shallow Grave



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A woman in Florida faces a murder charge after police found an elderly man buried in her yard, according to a report.

Clio Marcia Trice, 50, was arrested this week in Miami Garden, Florida, according to WPLG. She now faces a second-degree murder charge.

Police said officers were dispatched to a home around 5:15 p.m. on May 16, according to a report. Police searched and found an elderly man buried in a shallow grave on May 17.

According to the Miami Herald, Trice told neighbors she hit the older man in the head with an object. She had been living with the victim for more than a decade. She then strangled the man until he was dead.


The 81-year-old victim’s name has not been released.

“Clio Marcia Trice admitted to killing and burying the victim,” police wrote in her arrest affidavit, according to the Herald. “She also advised that she had been planning to turn herself in.”

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