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Why Biden’s Brain Disintegrates During Coast Guard Ceremony (Videos)



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Joe Biden spoke at the U.S. Coast Guard changing of the guard ceremony on Tuesday as Adm. Linda Fagan replaced Adm. Karl Schulz as the commandant of the Coast Guard, the first woman to lead a branch of the military service.

Fagan, a four-star admiral, has served in the number two position as vice commandant since June.

Biden spoke for about ten minutes, starting off saying how hot it was, maybe no one wanted him to speak, and maybe he should just sit down. He might have something there.

He wasn’t joking and he probably should have just skipped saying anything. This shot shows just how hot it was


Unfortunately, Biden didn’t stick with that thought and tortured us with remarks anyway.

Biden spoke about increasing the number of women in the armed services, claiming there was “more work to be done” to ensure diversity including at the highest levels.


We need to have women and men who are picked for their ability to provide the best possible fighting force we can have.

Biden talked about the importance that the Coast Guard might have in the Arctic, something I was glad to hear him say. President Donald Trump was very interested in protecting our interests in the Arctic. He didn’t get nearly enough credit for being on top of that. Not enough people have been paying attention to Russia’s moves in the Arctic, but Trump was paying attention. But as Biden continued his comments on the Arctic, he started speaking about the involvement of the Coast Guard in dealing with climate change “as the Arctic melts.” This was some jumble of words.


To manage the impact of climate change, becoming more extreme, more extreme weather and growing migration flows. In addition, you see what’s happening in the Arctic. Arctic’s gonna change drastically and become a place that is gonna also potentially generate potential conflict in terms of dominating in the Arctic as it melts.” So the Arctic is going to change, generate conflicts and dominate itself, as it melts? What? I’m so confused.

But I suppose that given what he’s said about 9 mm guns blowing the lung out of the body, this probably is stunning clarity for him, even if it makes no sense and is just confusing word salad.

Biden also seemed to have trouble saying the name of his own Coast Guard military aide, Lt. Commander Jayna McCarron, seeming to call her “Jane” at about 3:38.

It’s his aide, how can he not have her name running off the tip of his tongue?


At about five minutes into his remarks, he also seemed to have a weird space out, where he seemed to lose where he was on the teleprompter or lose a line. I’m not quite sure what happened as he talks about the Coast Guard being central to the country’s Indo-Pacific strategy.

“Building partnerships with nations throughout the region. To take on illegally and unreported and unregulated fishing,” Biden said. Then his brain seemed to break again as he turns his head to the right and looks at the teleprompter not seeming to understand what he is saying. “Reported…shared threats…that conduct and coordinate human-environmental missions.” What was he even trying to say here? But at least he didn’t rip off Ronald Reagan (badly), quote Mao, and get mad at the graduates for not clapping, as he did at the Coast Guard commencement ceremony last year

But if the Biden team wants to answer the question of why he’s facing such crushing depths in the polls, his incoherence is a big part of it, in addition to inflation and his bad policies with which Biden and his team also can’t seem to deal.

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