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Watch: Dog Helps Monkey Steal A Packet Of Chips From Shop



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This looks like an impossible partnership you would never have believed if it were not caught on camera.

In case you missed it you can watch it now.

The video is not actually recent as it was originally posted in December last year. Just that it is going viral again.

The video shows the monkey stealing a packet of chips from a shop by standing on the dog’s back. It has been shared by Memes.bks on Instagram with the caption: “Who say monkey and dog are not good friends.”


The video amused viewers, who reacted with hilarious comments about their own friendships.

“After seeing this i remember my friend,” a user commented. “Teamworks,” a second user wrote.

Some of the user comments, like “Parallel universe” took it to another level.

The video has received thousands of likes and views on Instagram since it was posted.


Watch Video Below:

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