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Trying to Ruin My Life, My Best Friend Destroyed Her Own – Story of the Day



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Jealousy consumed my friend: she wanted to have my life and my husband. So she plotted an evil plan to separate us. But karma had another plan for her…

Nick and I were the perfect couple. It was love at first sight. We met at work and I’ll never forget the first day I saw him. I knew we’d be together.

I didn’t know how because we spent months without exchanging a single word, just glances. But it was just this knowingness, you know?

Our first date was just the confirmation — we were made for each other! We were so in love that in a few months we moved in together and a year later, he proposed to me.


Everything was so perfect — from the proposal at a romantic restaurant in Paris, to the wedding ceremony at the beach in Mexico — I was living my dream life, with the man I love.

At our wedding, Nick whispered in my ears, “Our ‘happily ever after’ starts now!” But do you know that saying “Too good to be true?” That’s right. Something got in the way of our happiness

Victoria was a good friend of mine and she was always there for me. But sometimes I felt weird energy coming from her and I didn’t know what it was. At first, I thought it was just a thing in my head, my imagination.

Until one day I got the confirmation that I wasn’t going crazy. Within just a few months after I got married, I received a message. It contained a picture of Nick kissing a friend of mine. Guess who she was? Yep, Victoria.

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I was crushed. I couldn’t stay in that house anymore so I packed my stuff and left on the very same day. “I’m going to start a new life,” I thought.

But like my shrink says, healing and grieving don’t have an expiration date. So here I was, a year later, still thinking of Nick, still loving him. I moved on with my life but my heart was still connected to him.

Until one day my ex-friend showed up at my doorstep covered in dirty, old, and torn clothes. “Victoria, is that you? What the hell are you doing here? I don’t want to see you, go away!”

And as I was about to close the door, Victoria shouted, “Wait! Please! Just give me 5 minutes to explain everything to you.”


“Alright, you have 5 minutes.” I opened the door and invited her to come in.

And she began the story. “I always envied you. You and your happiness. I don’t know if you ever noticed that… Well, one day I promised to myself I’d make you and Nick break up.”

She took a deep breath and continued, “One doctored image was all it took. I knew you’d take my word at face value. I thought Nick would be with me but he pushed me away saying he was still in love with you.”

And then, one misfortune after another started happening — I was fired, I couldn’t pay my rent any longer, and had no place to go. On the same day, the worst day in my life, I asked God one question. But I knew the answer too well…”

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“I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you, Jane. If I could fix everything, I’d do it.” Suddenly, something shifted inside of me. I always thought that the day I met Victoria again, I’d teach her a lesson. But in fact, all the grudges I was holding against her were all gone

I held her hands and said, “I’m not mad at you, Victoria. I forgive you.” Maybe I showed weakness, but I couldn’t leave her in that situation.

So I took my wallet and gave her some money so she could get by in the next few days. “I’ll try to help you get back on your feet. I know the owner of the restaurant next door so I could ask him if he needs some help there and you can work as a waitress for a while.”

“That would be great, Jane! Thank you so much! You’re such an enlightened person!” she replied, giving me a hug. The next day, Victoria got a job and in a week, she was able to rent her apartment back.


A month later from the day she showed up at my house, I went for a walk in Central Park during my lunch break. I was stressed out because of work and I thought how much I still missed and loved Nick. The night before I had a dream with him.

I knew I needed to move on but the heart does what it does. And as if by magic, the law of attraction, coincidence, you name it, I bumped into him. Into Nick.

“You?” my heart was racing.

“Oh God, Jane?!”

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“You look great!”

“So do you…”

“How are you doing? I… I miss…” the words came out of my mouth before I could think


“I missed you too, Jane. I missed you too!”

And we haven’t separated since that day.

What can we learn from this story?

  1. Realize your mistakes and try to redeem them. Victoria was lucky that Jane has a good heart and forgave her.
  2. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Be careful who you bring to your life and call ‘friend’ because some people aren’t what they seem to be.
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