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Texas Shooter’s Grandmother Ran out of Her Home Covered in Blood Told His Neighbor “Look at What He Did To Me!”



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A neighbor who lives across the street from where Salvador Ramos shot his grandmother before the Uvalde school shooting claims the 66-year-old woman came running out of her home covered in blood and said “look at what he did to me!”

Gilberto Gallegos, speaking to The Daily Mail, recalled that he was gardening with his wife in their front yard last Tuesday when they first heard gunfire.

“Soon after gunshots, Ramos ran out of the house carrying some bags and jumped into his grandmother’s truck,” he told the newspaper, describing how Ramos initially appeared to have some trouble starting the vehicle. “I thought it was strange because he doesn’t know how to drive.

Ramos then sped off and the grandmother, Celia Gonzales, emerged from her home with blood running down her face, Gallegos reportedly said.


“She was delirious and in obvious pain,” Gallegos told The Daily Mail. “Celia then said to me: ‘Look at what he did to me!’ She never mentioned his name, but my wife and I knew who she was talking about, her grandson, Salvador.”

Gallegos then reportedly took Gonzales into his enclosed back porch while his wife called 911.

She was in shock and blood was everywhere,” Gallegos also said. “I did the best I could

The grandmother, who was airlifted to a hospital in San Antonio, was upgraded to “good condition” on Tuesday.


Ramos killed 19 students and two teachers in the Robb Elementary school mass shooting

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