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She Probably Wicked: Daughter-In-Law Causes Trouble at Mother-In-Law’s Funeral in Front of Grieving Family



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A funeral is usually a serious event where people gather to honor the deceased and offer support to grieving loved ones. However, a woman gained widespread attention on the internet for inappropriate reasons when she took a significantly different approach at her mother-in-law’s funeral. Instead of using the occasion to remember and pay tribute to the deceased, the woman used it as an opportunity to express her grievances.

A family member of the deceased woman captured the incident in a TikTok video, which has garnered millions of views and sparked a discussion about the level of respect the living should have for the dead.

The person who posted the video, TikToker @hallieb85, explained that the funeral was for her great-aunt, who happened to be the woman’s mother-in-law. In the video, @hallieb85’s father asked the woman to leave before he got angry, which seemed to trigger her anger. The woman lost control and started yelling, expressing her anger over what she believed the deceased woman had done to her children.


According to @hallieb85, the woman was referred to as a “Karen” and a “nutcase” because she disrupted the funeral and even assaulted her father and the funeral director. @hallieb85 shared the video because her father’s reaction still makes her laugh, even after five years. Her father told the woman to leave, warning that he would have to physically remove her, while @hallieb85 called her a “psycho.” Eventually, the woman left after being escorted and pushed towards the exit by @hallieb85’s father.

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It certainly took audacity for the woman to show up at the funeral and cause a scene. @hallieb85 also noted that others online found the video entertaining and commented on it. In a follow-up video, @hallieb85 provided some background information about the incident, which divided opinions among TikTokers and revealed there was more to the woman than being labeled as deranged.

According to @hallieb85, her great-aunt was compelled by the Catholic Church to adopt three children, and the husband of the woman who disrupted the funeral was one of those adopted children. @hallieb85 explained that the great-aunt mistreated the adopted children due to her strictness, and the uncle resorted to corporal punishment, using belts and paddles to discipline them. Additionally, the children were forced to kneel frequently due to their Catholic upbringing.


@hallieb85 mentioned that her great-aunt did not genuinely want the children and was unhappy with the adoption arrangement, which might explain her mistreatment. She also mentioned that the children’s biological parents had a history of drug abuse. As they grew older, the adopted children fell back into drug addiction and, once they turned 18, they left home and cut off contact with their adoptive mother. @hallieb85 wasn’t certain, but she believed that one of the children had overdosed.

Some users supported the family and suggested that the woman should have confronted the great-aunt while she was alive instead of causing harm to @hallieb85’s family during the funeral. @hallieb85 mentioned that it was the first time they had seen the furious woman, and she remarked, “But this weirdo showed up when she died to get her last piece, and it didn’t work out.

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@hallieb85 admitted that her family had concealed a lot about their past due to their Catholic faith, but now things were starting to come to light. She acknowledged that there are always two sides to a story, but since she couldn’t ask the deceased for more information, there was no point in dwelling on the past. She also mentioned that if her father hadn’t pushed the woman away, she would probably still be

This situation teaches us some important lessons:

Respecting the deceased: Funerals are solemn occasions to honor and remember the person who has passed away. It’s crucial to behave respectfully and appropriately during these events.


Controlling emotions: It’s important to manage our feelings and avoid letting anger or grievances overpower us, especially during sensitive times like funerals. Acting impulsively can make things worse for everyone involved.

Effective communication: Open and honest communication plays a vital role in resolving conflicts or addressing concerns. It’s usually better to discuss issues privately and at the right time instead of using a funeral as a platform.

Understanding different perspectives: This situation shows us that people have complex backgrounds that can influence their behavior. It’s important to consider different viewpoints and gather all the facts before passing judgment.


Compassion and empathy: Recognizing the pain and struggles of others helps us approach sensitive situations with understanding. It’s important to consider the emotional burdens people may carry and handle disagreements with kindness.

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Respecting boundaries: Funerals are a time for grieving and paying respects to the deceased. It’s crucial to respect the boundaries and emotions of the grieving family and avoid causing additional distress.

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