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She Moved To California With A Man She Loved Then She Disappeared Nearly A Month Ago After Calling Her Mom From A Stranger’s Phone



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San Diego, California. Last month, 20-year-old Lateche Norris moved out to San Diego from Indiana with a man that she was in love with.

Lateche got off the plane and stepped foot in California on November 1st, and she then went to meet up with her boyfriend, who had already arrived.

Before Lateche agreed to move with him, her mom Cheryl Walker overhead Lateche’s boyfriend telling her that they would need to camp out in a tent on the beach for a couple of days before he began his new job working in construction.

Well, Cheryl says that after Lateche got to California, she quickly realized that she had been lied to by her boyfriend.


The story he had told her on the phone just wasn’t reality. Cheryl believes that’s what led to multiple arguments between the couple in the days after Lateche arrived in California.

Cheryl was getting texts and phone calls from not only Lateche, but from her boyfriend as well as they continued to disagree.

On the morning of November 5th, Lateche called Cheryl from a stranger’s phone to ask her mom if she had spoken to her boyfriend.

Cheryl had, and Lateche wanted her mom to give her the phone number that her boyfriend had called from

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