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Put Me in Your Prayers, Most of Our Businesses Were Burnt at Dei dei Timber- Nigeria Man Laments



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ABUJA – A part of the popular timber was set ablaze in a brawl that erupted out between Igbo traders and Hausa following the death of a woman in Dei Dei, an Abuja neighborhood, on Wednesday.

The disturbance caused significant financial losses to many dealers that specialize in the sale of plywood and related materials.

According to reports, an altercation erupted between Igbo businessmen and some irate youths from the northern parts of the country as a woman fell off a commercial motorcycle and was crushed to death by a driving articulated vehicle.The incident enraged a mob which set the motorcycle on fire.

The burning down of the motorcycle resulted in counter reaction from the commercial motor cyclists, who mobilized in large number and attacked the traders. They set the timber market owned mainly by the Igbo traders on fire, causing the traders huge losses.

However a Nigerian Man Who fell victim votes the horrible incident took to his Twitter account demanding for prayers after his business got burnt down.


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