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Osinachi Nwachukwu Once Told Me Her Husband Tied Up And Asked The Children to Beat Her Up With Cane – Lady Reveals



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Friend to late Osinachi Nwachukwu has allegedly gathered claims that provides Osinachi husband maltreated the woman to the point that she lost her life and people were saying she died of cancer.

According to her:

More are coming out…

I am not known for dragging on this street.
I am one of the peaceful people you can come across on social media.


Take note ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

For me to make a post on this, it pained me so much and I couldn’t keep quiet and watch that man move to the next victim like nothing happened.
Assuming it’s something I just saw on social media, I will never make a post on it because I can’t vouch for the source.

I know my circle and I don’t mingle with people that have nothing to lose.
I don’t have people that talk anyhow in my circle… Noooo!! I don’t….

When I told you guys someone close to me told me what I wrote in my previous post, you guys thought it’s “hearsay”


Have you seen that this woman spoke to everyone that came across her?
So you wanted me to come out and start writing about her marriage without her permission? Remember she was still in that marriage?

So I asked again, what did the church do to make that man sit up?
The church had the power and right to call the man to order. If they did and the man continued, they should have encouraged Osinachi to leave.

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I do not know what led to her death but as I said in my previous post, she lamented about her husband and pains she was passing through in that marriage and that is my own pain.

My prayer remains “God let more people speak out”
So you guys wanted to shut muwa up right?
You want to shut Aries baby up?
Like seriously, nobody informed you that you can’t shut me up?
Like you didn’t ask questions right?


I am not your usual I pass my neighbor generator…
I am Gold Martins..
I am Lister generator, don’t even try to drag me, you will end up having waist pain darlings.
Waist pain…..

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