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Now They Have Flooded The Internet With “Respect My Religion” -By Azzaman Azzama



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Is their any People in Nigeria that don’t respect anybody’s Religion like AREWA Muslims? Listen to their Tafsirs during their Ramadan from A to Z they x-raying Christianity.

They preach more of Jesus is not God, God is not Jesus , HolySpirit is False. They twist Trinity , saying God doesn’t have a son. Glaringly attacking Christians. They preach against Christianity in the mosque more than they preach Muhammad.

I am a Northerner and I am even more northerner than those that claim they are Northeners. We know them , we associated we them, we have faced intimidations, we schooled with them, they called us Arna , they call us Kafiri , they even sang for us when going to school , “YAN MAKARANTAN BOKOKO BA KARATU BA SALLAH , SAI YAWAN ZAGIN MALLAM DABAYA, DABAYA AKE SALLAH”. Sometimes they stone us as the Almajiris sing that song. What do we do we smile and move on to our schools.

It’s a common thing in the mosque to hear a Mallam taking hours in his huduba or preaching insulting Christians. How do I know , I know because they use Loud Speaker outside the mosque.They don’t care even if the neighborhood have more Christian Population.They know Christians are tolerant , therefore they will loud the loud speaker let the Christians hear and hear them well . Some even on National Television and Radio you will hear them speaking Ill of Christianity. It is a common thing you will see them parading a man or woman in the mosque during Ramadan that the persons name is John but now is Muhammad or her name is Mary but now Maryam. Imagine we Christians do that parading the 1000s of Muslims converting to Christianity everyday on Radio Kaduna or NTA Kaduna? The media will not even allow it.

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Whereas in our Churches which Pastor have time to be preaching about Muslims, Islam is not even mentioned anywhere in the Bible therefore it’s irrelevant to Christianity talking about Islam talk more of disrespecting them. The only place that speaks about Islam is where Jesus said LOVE YOUR ENEMY AND GIVE HIM WATER apart from.that I have not seen anywhere in the Bible that Mentioned Islam. They need to Respect our Religion by not taking hours Preaching lies against Christianity. Especially during Ramadan their whole Tafsir could be centered on insulting Christians and Christianity.

Whose Religion needs to be respected when in many Northern states you cannot build a Church even in their schools. Kaduna State for example is a state with huge Christian Population but the state owned University KASU can not boast of 1 Church while Muslims have 6 mosque in the University. Whose Religion needs to be respected?

Now whose Religion needs to be respected? Is it those that Preach Love for the Muslims in their Churches or those that can take 2 hours insulting Christianity during Tafsir?



It’s a common thing to hear in mosque during this same Tafsirs, instead of preaching how to follow Muhammad or Love for the Christians , what you hear from their Loudspeaker is when a Christians dies don’t wish him RIP , what they should say is , “Allah Raka Taki Gona ” May Allah escourt Manure to the farm.. That means body of a Christian doesn’t rest in peace it’s only a manure . Funny People when it’s only the Christian Religion that promise it’s adherence salvation , John 14:1-3. Somebody send me a picture from Ghana how they are praying and turned outside a Church to a Mosque. We all saw in a picture where one man was praying outside the gate of a Church. Now whose Religion needs to be respected?

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We have respected Islam for many years that’s why they are more comfortable in Christian countries than their own countries. Tell a NIgerian Muslim to choose between going to America and going to Afghanistan you know the answer without me telling you.


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