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Nigerian Burn His Wife To Death, Then inform Her Family That His Wife Died Of Fire Outbreak



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Nigerian Burn His Wife To Death, Then inform Her Family That His Wife Died Of Fire outbreak

Man on the run after allegedly incinerating his UK-based wife and her brother in Lagos

Family and friends of a Scotland-based woman, Chinyere Ogudoro, have been thrown into mourning after her husband incinerated her and his brother-in-law hours after her return to Nigeria.

According to a post sent in by an anon and posted by Chinenye Azubuike on Facebook, said the incident happened on Thursday, March 31st at their residence in Lagos. The source said, “This is my sister-in-law who relocated to Scotland less than 4years ago. She returned to Lagos yesterday by 8am. Her younger brother picked her up from the airport and drove her to the house.

Her husband, Benjamin, from Ngor Okpalla LGA in Imo State, returned and incinerated the mother-of-four and the brother around 3am. The suspect told his sister to inform the family that the house caught fire and he escaped. Before Chinyere’s brother passed on, he explained all that transpired.


Chinyere and her brother have been taken to the morgue while the suspect has gone into hiding. Prior to this incident, he had a quarrel with the deceased over a property she bought. He had wanted to sell the house but to his surprise, his name wasn’t on the documents. This angered him and he sent her de@th thre@ts.

He once fought with Chinyere with a machete which led them to separate for some years before they reconciled only for him to carry out his de@th thre@ts. Please share this story cause it’s p@inful what has happened to her. Chinyere left behind her kids in Scotland.. it’s p@inful we have to bury the Ada and Opara of our family.”

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