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My Husband is a Man of God, We have Married for 6 months And he is still Afraid to Touch me – Lady Narrate



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An anonymous lady has this true story to share.

See her story:

My name is Anonymous and I am already getting vexed but it is well. I met this great minister of God about 3 years ago when I attended a program.

Actually he wasn’t even doing as if I existed when I tried and tried to get close to him. He was so engulfed in prayers, reading bible and ministering here and there. I managed to collect his number from someone and started calling him day and night to say hello. Luckily enough he started giving me audience, I was so happy and full of Joy.


We became very close and then one day I saw a revelation that he was to be my husband and so I walked to him and told him. He decided to pray about it which took him like 6 months to tell me its okay that God gave the go ahead. So we started courtship sha but throughout the courtship he never allowed me come to his house nor even sit too close to him.

When we board buses he will sit at the back while he tells me to sit in front. He was that disciplined. Well I didn’t bother because I was also a believer and I won’t want him to fall and lose the anointing so I endured.

6 months ago we got married and as usual, it was a day of Joy and I who have kept my self was so happy that my wedding night I will loose it all for him. To my shock that night he won’t touch me, infact we spent the whole night praying for our lives, family, union, even children unborn. After the prayer we were tired, that was like midnight so we slept.

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Whenever I try to touch him he will just lay still and tell me to calm down that he is trying to adjust and that he is been careful so he doesn’t lose the power of God upon his life.


Infact one of those days I had to start crying, he came pet me and just gave me a kiss on the cheek and said I should relax that the moment God gives him the ahead he will surprise me. I keep reminding him that am his wife o and that its not a sin when me meet together as husband and wife.

As I speak I have met our pastor severally and the pastor is telling me that I should be patient with him and allow God have his way, Imagine.

This is really not getting funny at all. I even told him that okay if you don’t want a child yet we have methods to prevent child birth but he said No its not about that. Seriously, am almost getting to the point of frustration (my body is not fire wood na), am not enjoying my new home one bit and I can’t even speak to anyone about it because its embarrassing.

Anyone having any Idea that works I would appreciate it.

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