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Moment Two Women Wrestle On The Street and Pull Each Other’s Hair as SIX People Fail to Tear Them Apart (Video)



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This is the moment two women wrestle on the street outside a pub and pull each other’s hair as six people fail to tear them apart.

During the brawl, their friend begs them to let go of each other but one woman can be heard screaming: ‘Never

The pair were seen fighting on the pavement outside The Town Crier Pub on Croft Road, Coventry, West Midlands on Saturday night.

Footage shows the two blonde women wrestling on the ground while grabbing and pulling each other’s hair as six people desperately tried to break up their brawl.


The pair’s pleading friends as well as several passers-by try to physically restrain them, but the enraged women cannot be stopped.

A friend can be heard shouting ‘Let go please! I’m begging you! Please! Come on, let go now! Let go now!’

Another distraught female friend is also heard begging them: ‘Get off her hair! Get off her hair’

The warring duo’s friends frantically try to use force to split the women up but they continue tugging at each other’s hair and even slap one another.


There is chaos and the six people are filmed dragging the two fighting women off the ground but they can’t be stopped.

Then as other distressed friends implore the pair to let go of the other’s barnet, but the sparring blonde woman in the blue dress retorts back: ‘Never!’

There are further shrieks from bystanders as the two feuding women tear at each other’s locks.

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Their friends pleads ‘Please let go!’ and the woman in the blue dress eventually seem to relent: ‘Ok I’ll let go. Ok I’ll let go. Ok I’ll let go’.


However the woman continues to drag her rival in the snakeskin dress by her hair and pull her mane. The pair’s friends try to drag her away by her wrist but she defiantly screams ‘I’ll kill her! Watch! I’ll kill her! Get off my wrist. Get off my wrist.’

Their screaming mates beg: ‘Please let go! Let go of her hair’ but the duo refuse to back off.

They continue pulling at one another’s locks and wrestle in an almost UFC-style fight on the pavement. One of their friends physically grabs their legs to try to restrain the woman in the blue dress but to no avail.

However, the woman in the blue dress manages to keep her grasp on her rival. She gets the woman almost in a chokehold between her legs and grips on to her hair. She verbally threatens the female in the snakeskin dress and curses at her.


The clip ends with the two women still fighting each other as their friends still failing to break them up.

It is unknown why the altercation erupted between the females but the footage has been circulated widely online.

Watch Video below:

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