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Millionaire Kicks Out His Pregnant Wife Leaving Her with Nothing, Karma Hit Him Later On – Story of the Day



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A millionaire kicked out his pregnant wife and left her with nothing. But karma caught up with the arrogant millionaire soon, and he regretted his actions.

Steve Miles was a wealthy businessman and owned several oil companies that made millions every year. But while Steve was quite fabulous on the professional front, his personal life had always been tumultuous. None of his girlfriends had lasted more than three months with him, and he’d already been divorced twice.

So, this time, when Steve decided to embark on a new business trip, he was looking for a good prospect — a place where he could not only find a profitable location for his new gas station but also meet the woman of his dreams.

That’s precisely how Steve landed up in Ashley’s godforsaken city. Since the place had plenty of inexpensive lands, it took no time for Steve to begin the new operations. Not long after, he also met Ashely, who’d come to his office looking for a job.


The moment Steve saw her, he was captivated by her beauty. She was tall, slim, and gorgeous. Steve believed he’d met the woman of his dreams.

Ashley, on the other hand, was flattered by the millionaire’s attention and fell head over heels in love with him almost immediately. Soon, they also confessed their feelings and decided to get married.

But unfortunately, Ashley was so excited at the prospect of becoming Steve’s wife that she accepted all the conditions Steve had mentioned in their marriage contract — including the fact that neither she nor her children would be entitled to any of Steve’s money.

She had thought Steve would never leave her. After all, he was the one who had proposed to her. Little did she know the worst was yet to come…


Everything seemed perfect for the first few years of their marriage. Steve was an adoring husband, and he never turned down Ashley’s requests. He lavished her with expensive gifts and took her on exotic holidays.

Steve, on the other hand, was proud to have an attractive wife like Ashley. After marrying her, he bragged about her beauty to everyone, especially his friends, and made them jealous. When people envied him for having money and a gorgeous wife, Steve felt like a king.

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However, everything changed one fateful day.

It was their third marriage anniversary. Steve gave his lovely wife the most stunning diamond earrings, which were custom-made by a foreign jeweler.


When Ashley wore those earnings for the dinner party that night, she looked really gorgeous. Steve was once again charmed by her beauty and softly urged her into the bedroom, but Ashley stopped him with a box.

“Thanks for your beautiful present, honey,” Ashley said. “I loved the earrings, but I bet I’ve got a better present for you!” she added and handed over the box to him.

“Oh really? I can’t wait to see it!” Steve responded cheerfully as he unwrapped the box and opened it. However, when he saw what was inside, his happiness went away.

Do you think this is some kind of joke?” said and glared at Ashley. “I’ve told you a million times that I don’t want children, and now you’re giving me a pregnancy test result? Listen to me carefully, Ashley. If this test is real, it’d be better to terminate the pregnancy


Ashley was stunned. “Honey, but this is our kid. How can you even say that?”

“OUR KID?!” Steve was furious. “I had told you to use birth control pills in case of an accident! Did you think I’d be an angel and raise that child? NO WAY, Ashley. Now you see what I’ll do!” he said and stormed out of the room.

From that day, a lot changed between them. Steve started avoiding Ashley and stopped supporting her financially. Not long after, he also started coming home late, drunk, and with lipstick marks all over him.

Ashley felt disgusted when she saw Steve like that, but she didn’t leave him because she hoped he’d change after the baby arrived. Sadly, it didn’t take long for her belief to be shattered.

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One day when Ashley returned home from shopping, she saw Steve with another woman in their bedroom.

How could you do this to me, Steve?” she asked curiously, her eyes welling up with tears. “It’s our bedroom!”

Steve rolled his eyes. “I’ll do whatever I want. Who are you to tell me what to do? Moreover, you look horrible. Just look at you with that baby bump. SO AWFUL!”

“But Steve, how…”


Before Ashely could finish her sentence, Steve cut him off. “See, I don’t want any more drama, okay. Just get out of my house. I’m tired of seeing your ugly face every day. And since neither you nor your pathetic child owns anything in my property, I hope we never see each other again.”

Ashley couldn’t believe her life shattered right in front of her eyes. She packed her bags in tears and booked herself a ticket to her hometown. The only thing she was afraid of now was giving birth on the plane. But soon after landing, she felt dizzy.


Thankfully, right before she was about to faint, a man caught her. “Hey, are you okay?” he inquired in his deep voice.


When Ashley turned back to thank him, she was shocked. “Is that you, Matt?” she exclaimed.

Matt was Ashley’s high school classmate. He now worked as a stevedore at the airport. When he saw Ashley at the airport, he couldn’t understand why she was traveling alone when she was pregnant and looked terribly weak.

“It’s been a long time, Ashley. I never thought we’d meet again like this. But are you okay?” he asked her, concerned.

“Thanks for the help, Matt, but I don’t feel good. My stomach is hurting badly,” she told him. “Can you please do me a favor and call the hospital?”


“Sure,” he replied and placed a call immediately.

On the way to the hospital, Ashley’s water broke. Due to being under stress constantly, she gave birth prematurely, and it took a toll on both her and the baby’s health.

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Make sure your wife doesn’t take any stress,” the doctor advised Matt after they reached the hospital. “Otherwise, it will be detrimental to her.”

“But doctor, Matt is not…” Before Ashely could finish her sentence, Matt interrupted her. “No worries, doctor. I will do my best,” Matt said.


From that day on, Matt came to see Ashley every day. He didn’t have a lot of money, but he always brought her daisies, her favorite flower. He knew that from school days since he had a crush on her.

Ashley’s baby, Hailey, on the other hand, was in the NICU, struggling between life and death for a month. Sadly, she didn’t survive. Ashley was distraught and blamed herself for everything. But Matt was always there for her and helped her through the worst of it.


Eight years later, Ashley is sitting in the park with her children. She married Matt a year after losing her child, and the two of them now have a lovely family. After getting married, Matt started his own trucking company and soon got rich, so Ashley is living happily with her husband and kids.


Steve’s life, on the other hand, just became more miserable. He went bankrupt and lost his business because he squandered his life on women, one of whom cheated on him and abandoned him—exactly what he had done to Ashley.

He blames Ashley every day for turning him into an alcoholic and forcing him to waste his life on other women, but Ashley has no idea because she is too happy with her life.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Life’s a circle. What goes around comes around. Steve left Ashely almost homeless, but not long after, karma did the same to him.
  • Tough times don’t last long, but tough people do. After Ashley was kicked out, she didn’t give up and decided to raise the baby by herself. Sadly, the baby didn’t survive, but God blessed Ashley with a beautiful family.
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