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Man Who Was Rude to Elderly Lady on Plane Encounters Her in His Boss’ Office the Following Day



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Man Who Was Rude to Elderly Lady on Plane Encounters Her in His Boss’ Office the Following Day-Inspirational Story

Tim was furious when a flight attendant asked him to trade his first-class seat with an elderly sick lady in economy class. His impolite response would soon come back to haunt him. He composed an email on his laptop, hitting the send button with unnecessary force.

Gulping down the soda brought by the flight attendant, Tim glanced around the luxurious first-class section. Finally, his boss acknowledged his hard work by allowing him to travel in the comfort he deserved. However, if his latest negotiation efforts failed, this privilege could be taken away.


Refocusing on his laptop, Tim composed another message for a different stakeholder and sent it off. Just as he received a reply to his first email, a flight attendant approached him, accompanied by an older woman. “Excuse me, sir,” the flight attendant said, “this lady has fallen ill.

We would like to upgrade her to first class for the remainder of the flight. Would you kindly trade seats with her? I assure you that you can still access our in-flight Wi-Fi in economy, sir.” The flight attendant smiled.

“I can’t continue working in economy, and you’re aware of that. Why are you even asking me?” the older lady groaned, leaning against Tim’s headrest. Tim raised his hand, considering pushing her away, but thought better of it. The man across the aisle stood up and offered his elbow to the lady. “She can take my seat,” the man said, glaring at Tim. “Unlike some people, I know how to respect my elders.”


“Whatever,” Tim replied, turning back to his laptop. “Now, if you all don’t mind, I have work to do.” Tim spent the remaining hour of the flight typing emails and taking a call with a business partner. His nerves were frayed, and he couldn’t comprehend why their company’s partners were being so difficult. “Why can’t they see the benefits of this?” he muttered.

Upon landing in Minneapolis, Tim was astonished to see his boss, Carl, waiting for him. Had one of the partners reached out to complain about the negotiations? Panic surged through Tim as he worried that Carl had come to fire him. Tim began shuffling toward Carl when he noticed him rushing forward to embrace the sick older lady from the flight. Tim froze upon hearing Carl refer to her as “mom.”

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Tim contemplated retreating and making a dash for the parking lot. After all, Carl was here for his mother, not because of Tim’s shortcomings. Just as he turned to leave, Carl made eye contact and waved him over. “Tim, come here.

I’d like you to meet my mother, Amanda.” Tim cautiously approached, attempting a smile, but Amanda fixed him with a stern gaze. His breath caught in his throat. He was about to be exposed for his rudeness and cruelty towards his boss’s mother. “And I don’t particularly feel like meeting anyone right now,” Amanda continued.

Carl offered his arm to Amanda. “Let’s get you home, Tim. I’ll see you tomorrow morning for a debrief on the negotiations, okay?” “Sure, I’ll be there,” Tim replied, managing a smile. Yet inside, he trembled with nerves. Although Amanda hadn’t spoken up at that moment, he was certain she would divulge everything to Carl during their journey home.


Tim’s anxiety persisted as he entered the office the next day. He mentally rehearsed his conversation with Carl regarding their airplane incident countless times while awaiting his boss’s summons. However, the call never came. Disheartened, Tim returned home and hastily heated up a meal in the microwave. He had felt too nauseous to eat during lunch, and now hunger gnawed at his stomach. As he sat down to eat, his phone rang, displaying Carl’s name.

“Hi, Tim. Apologies for reaching out after hours, but I wanted to touch base with you regarding the negotiations. I haven’t received any contracts on my desk, so I assume there are some unresolved issues?” Carl’s calm voice left Tim puzzled.

“Yes, Maloney isn’t satisfied with the new supplier, and Hart has reservations about the proposed location for the additional warehouse,” Tim sighed, relieved that Carl’s call wasn’t about his mother. “They are quite stubborn about their positions,” he continued. “I explained how these changes are crucial for our image and the projected long-term profit increase, but they still need further convincing.”

“We’ll find a way to bring them on board. I’ve arranged for an expert to assist you in moving forward,” Carl announced, piquing Tim’s curiosity.

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When Tim received the summons to Carl’s office the following day, he was taken aback to find his mother sitting there. “You remember my mother, Amanda,” Carl introduced. “She’s the expert I mentioned yesterday. Despite being retired, she played a pivotal role in building this company from scratch. Her negotiation skills are outstanding, and she has graciously agreed to help you with our current situation. I look forward to the collaboration,” Carl concluded.

Tim, feeling remorseful, addressed Amanda, “Amanda, I owe you a sincere apology. I was incredibly rude to you on the plane, and you kindly offered to assist me despite my behavior. I can’t comprehend why you didn’t take this opportunity to seek revenge, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.” Tim extended a bouquet of flowers to Amanda, genuinely contrite.

To Tim’s surprise, Amanda responded differently than he expected. “Revenge?” Amanda scoffed. “Tim, I’ve learned through my years that spite and pettiness only poison the person who indulges in them.” She accepted the flowers and inhaled their fragrance. “Besides, I already knew who you were on the plane. Although retired, I keep myself informed about the happenings in this business. When you exhibited such rudeness and persistence about working, I assumed your negotiations didn’t go well.”

“You knew it was me all along?” Tim asked, astonished.


“I just said so. I knew about your upcoming business negotiations too, thanks to Carl’s mention. Dealing with partners and understanding the intricacies of such relationships has been my forte. I could have informed Carl about your behavior, but it wouldn’t have served any purpose,” Amanda shrugged. “I’m sure he has thorough hiring procedures to ensure he doesn’t employ habitually rude individuals. Moreover, I saw no reason to make you suffer for your reactions when you were evidently under stress.”

Tim looked at Amanda in awe. It felt like he had introduced her to an entirely new perspective on interacting with others. Throughout the week they collaborated, she genuinely cared about people and made an effort to understand them. He realized that was precisely why her ideas resonated with their partners.

During that week, Tim closely worked alongside Amanda. She guided him through the complexities of the negotiations, highlighting details he had overlooked and teaching him the significance of empathy and comprehension when dealing with business partners. Tim’s approach began to transform as he absorbed Amanda’s wisdom and learned to empathize with others, placing himself in their shoes.

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They worked together to improve the incentive plan and address the concerns of Hart and Maloney. Tim was surprised by the positive responses from Hart and Maloney. Both partners liked the revised plan and were willing to discuss it further. Tim felt confident as he presented the plan to them in a video meeting. He addressed their concerns carefully, using Amanda’s advice to communicate effectively.


To Tim’s joy, Hart and Maloney were open to the proposed changes. They appreciated the effort to address their needs and concerns. They had a productive discussion and agreed to move forward with the new plan.

During the negotiations, Tim relied on Amanda’s guidance. They worked closely together, refining their strategies and adapting to challenges. Tim noticed his own skills improving and developed respect for Amanda’s knowledge and experience. He learned the importance of humility, respect, and empathy towards others.

Over time, Tim’s relationship with Amanda transformed. He realized she genuinely wanted to help him succeed and didn’t hold his past behavior against him. Amanda saw his potential and believed he could grow and learn from his mistakes.

With Amanda’s mentorship, Tim successfully navigated the negotiations and secured the desired contracts. The deal met company objectives and exceeded expectations. Hart and Maloney were satisfied and praised Tim’s professionalism and commitment to finding mutually beneficial solutions.


After the negotiations, Tim approached Amanda with genuine gratitude. He apologized for his past behavior and promised to apply the lessons he had learned in both his professional and personal life.

Amanda acknowledged Tim’s growth and encouraged him to continue improving. She believed in his potential and emphasized that success includes making a positive impact on others.

Filled with purpose and determination, Tim realized that true business success goes beyond finances. It involves integrity, empathy, and building meaningful connections. With Amanda’s guidance and the lessons he had learned, Tim felt ready to embrace future challenges and continue growing personally and professionally.

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