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Man Tries To Steal Package That’s Not His, Backfires When He Notices Homeowner’s ‘Special Gift’



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A would-be thief was caught attempting to steal a box from a homeowner’s porch when the rigged box exploded in his hands (video below).

In the clip, the attempted thief can be seen walking over to a house and opening the gate. He then walks up to the front porch and spots a package, which he quickly grabs and attempts to leave with. Before he can, the box explodes and causes the startled man to jump.

The thief then runs down the steps and trips, before getting back up and running away from the home.

Many viewers applauded the homeowner for putting a bait box on his porch to scare away the would-be crook.


“I enjoyed watching this video,” one New Resistance reader commented on the site’s Facebook page. “The person whom made the bomb needs to post a no transpassing sign on the front of house and on the fence . An make a little more big bomb with tacks or nails in it . To let them little boys know to stay out of his yard.”

Should’ve blew his hands off that’s the only way you send a message to creeps like this, Every time he needs to use a stick to wipe his a*s he will be reminded of what a piece of s**t he is,” another wrote.

“The best part was watching him pull up pants as he ran away,” another added. “How does being a thief and running around with your pants around your ankles make any sense.”

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Should have a electric lock on the gate,” wrote another commenter. “Then he would have jump the fence, with his pants around his ankles. Would love to see that.”


In a similar incident, three California men were arrested after they were suspected of pistol-whipping a 62-year-old woman and forcing her to give them money and drugs that she did not have. The three suspects reportedly knocked on the woman’s front door and pointed guns at her, before demanding money and drugs.

When the homeowner told them she did not have either, they began beating her with a pistol. They held her captive until one of her relatives arrived at the home in Mendocino County, forcing the suspects to flee the scene.

Police later found out the woman had been growing medical marijuana in her house. When the suspects arrived, the crop had already been harvested.

The suspects’ car was later spotted. Police caught up with them and stopped their car.


All three suspects were booked on charges of kidnapping for ransom, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary and conspiracy, The Press Democrat reported.

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