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Man Saw How Something Small Was Thrown Out of The Car Right Into the Snowdrift



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Christian said in a taxi, observing how the city, which just a few months ago was vibrant around him, was becoming increasingly faded. It was as if life was leaving the city along with the autumn colors. All the people bustling around him held no interest for him. He gazed at the entire city, immersed in some darkness, trapped in an endless cycle. He wished for this damn cycle to end.

He was headed to his father’s place to talk to him, to reason with him, to protect him from a rather unpleasant step his father was preparing for. Christian noticed that the taxi turned into a residential area, that meant they would soon be close to his father’s huge house. He could only hope that his father’s new gorgeous wife, who didn’t care about him at all, wouldn’t be in that house. He wanted that girl who suddenly appeared in his father’s life to vanish, and he hoped his father would file for a divorce because what his father was doing had gone way beyond any limits.


Christian remembered the time when his mother was alive and everything was good for her. She was deeply in love with his father and forgave him for everything, even his constant infidelity. As Christian grew up, he constantly criticized his father for it, saying that his mother probably got sick because of the way Eric treated her. Whenever they discussed this, Eric would shout and lash out at his son, but they would eventually find words to reconcile. However, now something told Christian that reconciliation wouldn’t happen this time.

“Where do I turn now?” the confused taxi driver asked, realizing he had lost his way among these identical houses. “Turn right, there will be a white fence. Stop near it, please,” Christian said.


The taxi driver’s voice pulled him back from his memories, back to the prison where he was about to have a difficult conversation with his father. Christian looked around out of habit and thought that all these cookie-cutter houses, all these identical cottages bought by people wanting to show off their success and wealth, had become tiresome. He didn’t want to come here, didn’t want to see his so-called brothers who thrived in this environment. It all reminded him of the life he once had. But when his father brought home another young lover, barely older than Christian himself, and that lover started throwing her weight around, it turned into a nightmare. He couldn’t live like that.

Since his father had become quite strong after his wife’s funeral, he started bringing home young girls. Christian realized he couldn’t bear it anymore. He simply packed his things and moved out, preferring to work and live in a rented apartment rather than depending on his father, who constantly brought home new girls, making living with them nearly impossible. He looked at his father and couldn’t believe this was the same man who raised him, the one who at least tried to spend time with him, even though his mother took on most of the parenting responsibility.


Thoughts about his mother made Christian a little uneasy. He called and someone answered through the intercom, telling him to leave. And then Christian himself opened the door and went inside. He saw how much the courtyard had changed. Apparently, his father’s new woman had not only taken on the renovation inside the house but also the remodeling of the yard, which his mother had once loved so much and which was now being barbarically transformed.

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“Coming quickly, it’s freezing outside,” Mr. Eric said, opening the door. He noticed that Christian was standing and looking in the direction where his mother’s flowerbed used to be. There, all sorts of exotic flowers would bloom, the ones his mother would plant and nurture. It used to bloom with everything she touched. Now, there was some frozen pit apparently being prepared for a fountain installation. Mr. Eric had no intention of mentioning it. His reasoning was completely different, his reasoning diverged from what his son was thinking.


“Mr. Eric, I need to talk to you,” Christian said.

“Of course, I could ask you to listen to me, to have a proper conversation with me, but I know it’s impossible. In 10 minutes of our conversation, you’ll start yelling at me and throw me out the door. But I have to talk to you,” Christian said.

“You came, so I could kick you out onto the street. Someday, I’ll end these conversations. Someday, I’ll finally get rid of you. I’m sorry that you turned from an obedient, normal son into what you’ve become,” Mr. Eric said sharply.


He walked away, got whiskey from the bar, poured it into a glass without diluting it. He didn’t even put ice in it, drinking it all in one gulp. He poured himself another portion, offered it to his son, but he shook his head. Mr. Eric was clearly more disappointed that his son came not just for a visit but to have some conversation. Again, he seemed to be much more upset than Christian himself had expected. He looked at his son with disappointment, longing, and resentment.

“I saw your wife with a man, and believe me, they’re not just friends. He’s not her coach, brother, or relative. What can she possibly tell you? She’s cheating on you. Instead of finally taking off your rose-colored glasses and facing the truth, you’re kicking me out onto the street,” Christian said.

“Stop making up all these stories. Every time, you come up with some new nonsense just so I would leave her, so we would break up, so our relationship would fall apart, so that you can get what you want,” Mr. Eric said again.


“You came to create a rift between us. Aren’t you tired of acting like a little child yourself? You’re a grown man. Let him decide for himself who he wants to live with, who he wants to be with, who he wants to stand up for,” Viola shouted as she descended the stairs.

Christian rolled his eyes. He had intended to talk to his father. He didn’t want to interact with Viola at all, who unfortunately happened to be at home. She smirked brazenly, apparently she understood that no matter what Christian said, it would be useless anyway because she would find any means to make Eric believe her.


“I came to talk to my father, not to listen to you,” Christian said sharply.

“I don’t care. This is my home, he is my husband. I will decide who to answer to in my own house, whom to kick out onto the street. I want you to leave. I want you to never come back with your stupid conversations,” Viola said.

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Christian looked at his father, who nodded. And that not completely shattered Christian into pieces. On the one hand, he perfectly understood that his father would always be on the side of his new wife. But he didn’t expect him to agree to kick Christian out without even finishing the conversation. He calmly put on his jacket, went outside, and called the taxi again. As soon as he left the gate, he didn’t expect his father to be so unquestioningly submissive to her.


He stood there for about 10 minutes, but the taxi never came. So Christian took the challenge and simply started walking.

He wondered how the conversation would have ended, what had happened, and why his father, having such a huge business, having built such a christian and his father, Mr. Eric, continued to rebuild their relationship, striving to make up for lost time.

They spent more quality time together, engaging in activities they both enjoyed. They went fishing, played sports, and had deep conversations about life and their shared experiences. Christian felt a sense of fulfillment seeing his father’s genuine effort to change and become a better person.


Meanwhile, Christian’s relationship with Angelica blossomed. They supported each other through the challenges they faced, including the unexpected addition of Christian’s half-brother to their family. Angelica embraced the role of a loving and caring sister to the baby, showering him with affection and ensuring he felt a sense of belonging.

As time passed, Christian and Angelica decided to proceed with their wedding plans. They exchanged vows surrounded by their closest family and friends, including Mr. Eric and the little baby, who was now named Oliver. It was a joyful celebration of love and new beginnings.

The couple continued to thrive in their personal and professional lives. Christian pursued his own entrepreneurial endeavors, inspired by his father’s success, while Angelica excelled in her career. They supported each other’s ambitions, creating a strong foundation for their future together.

Christian’s relationship with his father deepened over the years. They became not only father and son but also trusted friends who shared a bond strengthened by forgiveness and understanding. Mr. Eric became a cherished grandfather to Oliver, showering him with love and wisdom.


The family continued to grow, and Christian and Angelica welcomed their own children into the world. The presence of siblings brought immense joy and a sense of completeness to their lives. They raised their children with love, instilling in them the values of compassion, honesty, and resilience.

Looking back, Christian realized that the hardships and challenges he faced had led him to a place of growth and self-discovery. He learned the importance of forgiveness, understanding, and the power of family bonds. He appreciated the journey that had brought him to this point, recognizing that every twist and turn had shaped him into the person he had become.

Christian’s story became a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of love and forgiveness. He found happiness in the warmth of his family, surrounded by the love and support of his father, wife, children, and the baby brother he had saved from the cold snow drift.

Years passed, and Christian’s family thrived in their harmonious and loving environment. The children grew up surrounded by affection, support, and strong values instilled by their parents. Christian and Angelica worked together as a team, ensuring that their children had every opportunity to flourish.

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Oliver, Christian’s half-brother, developed a close bond with Christian’s children. They became inseparable, growing up as siblings and creating memories together. Oliver admired Christian as a role model, appreciating the sacrifices he had made to rescue him and provide a nurturing and stable home.

As the children reached adolescence, Christian and Angelica encouraged them to explore their passions and pursue their dreams. They nurtured their talents, providing guidance and support along the way. Christian’s father, Mr. Eric, also played a significant role in their upbringing, offering wisdom and guidance to the next generation.


Christian’s successful business ventures allowed him to provide for his family and create a secure future. He became a respected figure in his field, known for his integrity and dedication. Despite his achievements, Christian remained grounded, always valuing the importance of family above all else.

Throughout the years, Christian maintained a close relationship with his father. They continued to share meaningful conversations and created lasting memories. Christian admired his father’s transformation, appreciating the effort he had put into being a better person and father.


Angelica’s love and support were unwavering. She stood by Christian’s side through every triumph and challenge, serving as a pillar of strength. Their love grew deeper with each passing day, and their marriage remained a source of stability and happiness.

The family often gathered for special occasions, celebrating milestones, birthdays, and holidays together. These gatherings were filled with laughter, love, and cherished memories. Christian’s children cherished the strong family bond they shared, knowing that they were part of something truly special.


As the years went by, Christian’s family expanded even further. Oliver started his own family, and Christian became an adoring uncle to his nieces and nephews. The love and unity that had been nurtured within their own family extended to the next generation, creating a legacy of warmth, compassion, and support.

Christian never forgot the day he found Oliver abandoned in the snow drift. It remained a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of compassion and empathy. He often shared the story with his children, teaching them the value of helping others and standing up for what is right.


In his later years, Christian looked back on his life with gratitude and contentment. He saw how the challenges he had faced had shaped him into a resilient, compassionate, and loving individual. He felt blessed to have built a strong, united family and to have experienced the transformative power of forgiveness and second chances.

Christian’s legacy lived on through the generations that followed, as his children and grandchildren embraced the principles he had instilled in them. The story of Christian’s journey from a fractured family to a place of healing and love became a source of inspiration for others, reminding them of the power of forgiveness and the strength of family bonds.


As Christian’s life drew to a close, he found solace in knowing that he had built a legacy of love, unity, and resilience. He was at peace, surrounded by his loved ones, and comforted by the knowledge that his story would continue to inspire others for generations to come.

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