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Leo Mezie discouraged us from assisting him after faking first kidney disease – Actress Chioma Toplis spills



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Nigerian Actress, Chioma Toplis, on Tuesday, shed more light on the death of her colleague, Leo Mezie

WITHIN NIGERIA reported on Monday, May 16 that actor Leo Mezie died after battling kidney disease for years.

The actor, Leo Mezie reportedly had a transplant earlier this month but succumbed to the life threatening illness on Saturday, May 14, 2022.

The devastating news broke the hearts of many celebrities particularly in the movie industry and they took to social media to mourn him.


Critics who weren’t buying their fake tears lashed out at them for being two faced.

In response, Chioma Toplis said some Nollywood Celebrities donated huge sum of money in 2016 for his surgery. He travelled to London with his Ex-wife to carry out the surgical operation.

According to her, the late actor stopped her and a colleague from visiting him at the hospital in UK. Few months later, Leo claimed God healed him miraculously and returned to Nigeria to continue living his normal life.

Chioma wrote;


“Leo cried Wolf when there was no wolf, when the real wolf came nobody came. This is for people saying that Nollywood didn’t help Leo when he was alive/ill. Or blaming Nollywood for his death. In 2016 Money was contributed to his surgery including the huge some that Apostle gave him. He came to London with his then-wife for the surgery. I and another actress who was in London contacted him so we could visit him in the hospital but he did not allow us to come see him.

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“Months later he came back and didn’t look like someone that had such major surgery. He organised a huge Thanksgiving service at the Apostle’s church where he said that he miraculously healed. That his failed kidneys were revived in London and the doctors there said that he didn’t need surgery. People questioned who then diagnosed him and booked the surgery of which money was dornated? He continued living his normal life.”

Narrating further, Chioma Toplis said Leo fell ill again after people questioned his previous kidney disease. Some celebrities donated again, others lost interest because he was enjoying the money he was making out of his illness.

The Actress, however, cautioned critics not to say what they are not sure of. She pointed out how people love to talk less about people in the industry without knowing what and how they have assisted.


She wrote;

“News broke through Actress Chioma Okoye’s foundation that he was ill again and needed donations. Money was contributed to an extent then before he asked the foundation to give him the money. The quarrel started between him and the foundation. They said it was not in their aqreement, that they don’t qive or contribute to individual accounts. At this point, a lot of people lost interest. Even the AGN President Emeka came into that matter then to make sure it was resolved. A lot of actors posted and solicited for funds for him too.

So all these comment-seyy people (keyboard warriors) talking down on the Actors guild I believe they were not aware of the story of Leo and his health or they just want to give a dog a bad name to kil it. Like I said a lot of people lost interest in his case even the Apostle that helped him the most. The plain truth is that he was enjoying the money he was making out of his illness.”

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