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Kremlin TV threatens invasion of Poland as Ukraine invasion drags on: report



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Russia state media is getting even darker as the war in Ukraine drags on during its 96th day, according to Daily Beast reporter Julia Davis, who speaks Russian and monitors broadcasts.

“While some in the West are pondering what kind of concessions would allow Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin ‘to save face’ in Ukraine, leading Russian lawmakers and top propagandists are advocating smashing the West, which they say is Russia’s ultimate target,” she reported.

Davis, who has been sanctioned by Russia, reported on comments by Olga Skabeeva, who hosts the state TV show “60 Minutes.”

“I have some unpleasant news… Even though we are methodically destroying the weapons that are being delivered [to Ukraine], but the quantities in which the United States are sending them force us to come up with some global conclusions,” he said. “Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge that maybe Russia’s special operation in Ukraine has come to an end, in a sense that a real war had started: WWIII. We’re forced to conduct the demilitarization not only of Ukraine, but of the entire NATO alliance.”


Oleg Matveychev, a member of parliament, said, “If Poland starts any intervention… its current borders will be worthless.”

But Skabeeva wanted to go even further.

“I wasn’t talking just about Poland, but mainly about Great Britain and the United States… they’re all lined up,” he threatened.

Vladimir Avatkov, from the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was patient.

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“No need to rush, there is a line. Everything in its time!” Avatkov said.

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