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Kidnapper Tries To Attack 10-Year-Old Girl, Fails To Notice Her ‘Special Friend’



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In Woodbridge, Virginia, an attempted abductor met his end when an unlikely hero came out and stopped him. Although the would-be kidnapper had been keeping a close eye on his 10 year old target, his plans were thwarted when the girl’s dog rushed out of the house and started biting the abductor as the man tried to haul her away to his lair.

The incident occurred on the 1800 block of Heather Glen Court. The Prince William County Police were glad that the dog escaped the house and was able to scare away the deviant predator before he managed to take the 10-year-old girl into his detention. If he had gotten possession of her, who knows what would have happened. Thankfully, that did not come to pass, and the dog was there to rescue the girl when no one else could have.

The man was described as being about 145 pounds and standing between five foot three inches to five foot six inches tall. He was identified as being in his early twenties with a thin build and short dark hair. He wore a goatee on his face and was last seen in a white striped shirt and light-colored pants. Witnessed described him as a light-skinned black man or of Latino heritage

When the girl escaped the man’s grasp, she ran back to the house. The incident occurred in broad daylight just before 4 pm. The man approached her and grabbed her by the arm, trying to drag her into his clutches.

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However, the dog realized that the man was a predator and ran out and stopped him. The canine bit the man, forcing him to release his grip on the girl. Because the dog intervened, the would-be abductor had no choice but to give up and flee, which he did on foot. Because the man knew the police were going to get involved, he ran as far and as fast as possible so he could evade detection.

After the 10-year-old girl reported the incident, the local police got right to work. They brought a K-9 unit and searched the area from top to bottom. However, they were unable to find the attempted kidnapper. Because he was never found, he might be on the prowl for other would-be victims.

Prince William County police spokesman Sgt. Jonathan Perok was glad to share news about this story because the girl was able to get away without coming to any harm. Sgt. Perok admitted that if it wasn’t for the dog, the man might not have released the girl and could have severely injured or even killed her. As luck would have it, the dog attack forced the man away from the scene and away from Heather Glen Court and the girl was not injured.

What do you think about this dog’s actions on that important day in Virginia?

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