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I’m Tired Of Life,: 29-Year-Old Libya Returnee Shares Touching Story In Video



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29-year-old Aisha Sumaina says she is tired of this life because she has been suffering so much and living from hand to mouth

The heartbroken mother of two revealed that her mother has been sick while her lover abandoned her after giving birth to two children for him.

Aisha travelled to Libya for greener pastures but her journey was not fruitful as she returned shortly after and began prostitution.

Life has not been rosy for 29-year-old Aisha Sumaina who has been living from hand to mouth ever since her lover abandoned her with two children.


In a recent interview with, Aisha narrated how she was forced to go into prostitution after all her efforts to succeed failed.

The mother of two revealed that her mother has also been sick and she can barely raise enough to take care of her.

29-Year-Old Libya Returnee, mother of two

29-Year-Old Libya returnee shares touching story Photo Credit: Original
Life in Libya


Aisha said she got so frustrated in Nigeria and had to move over to Libya in search of greener pastures.

Sadly, this was not the case as Aisha was kept in an underground prison and subjected to all forms of abuse upon her arrival in Libya.

She spent months in prison where she and the other inmates were used to satisfy the carnal desire of the wardens.

When the opportunity came for her to be released, she took it and was deported to Nigeria.

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Aisha goes into prostitution against her will
After getting deported, Aisha said she could barely eat or pay the school fees of her children. Her mother is sick and she couldn’t get money for her treatment.

She delved into prostitution. However, she lamented that the job was still not giving her the money she wanted because most people ended up sleeping with her and using her without paying.

She broke down in tears and lamented over the kind of life she’s living. According to Aisha, she no longer wants to live.

“Na market I dey sleep. Even food to eat, nothing. I don tire for this life”, she lamented.
Aisha however stated that she’s praying for a helper who would see what she’s going through and offer help to her.


In her words:

“Na helper I dey find. My mother dey sick for hospital. I no want make she die leave me.”
Nigerian man who returned from Libya gives thanks to God

Meanwhile, previously reported that a Nigerian man among the 164 returning to their home country from Libya has expressed an emotional show of thanks to God after the plane landed on the tarmac.

The young man who could not contain his joy after the plane carrying the 164 Nigerians landed went on his knees and thanked God.


In the photos that surfaced online, the man was captured on his knees raising his hands to heaven at the tarmac in Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

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