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I Won’t Accept! My husband wants us to share the family bills equally- Woman Narrates



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According to her;

Please share this and inform me when you do so. I am a married woman and a mom of two lovely kids. My family is a peaceful one and ever since we got married, we have had issues but none has been difficult for us to resolve. My husband is a teacher while I work at a retail company as an accountant. When we got married, my husband was taking full responsibility for almost everything. I do help in my own little way. It was not always that I asked him for money for food. Sometimes I go to the market and buy a lot of things. Many times, I buy enough to cook three different soups and stew that even get to last for over a month. Sometimes I pay utility bills and other times I allow my husband to do that. I am not a lazy woman and my husband is aware. I work hard and contribute my quota to the family.

At the middle of this year, my husband got home from work one day and said that we had to start splitting bills equally. Lol. To be frank, I was surprised. It was funny to me initially and I honestly thought that he was joking. However when I asked him further, I realized that he was serious. For the record, he earns more than me so why would we share the bills equally? Apart from that, he was the man of the house and it was only right that he took the responsibility as one. It is not as if I don’t help at all, I do. I spend money in the house. I can’t remember when last I bought a cloth or shoes all worth 20k. All I earn, I Chanel them into the family and I am really disappointed that my husband does not appreciate that.

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After the first time he made that proposal, I made it clear to him that it was wrong and I was not going to buy the idea. Was he expecting me to split house rent, money for food, our child’s school fees, hospital bills, insurance and other things equally with him? No reasonable man would do that. I don’t know who he has been talking to or whoever gave him that idea. I simply couldn’t buy that and I told him that. Now he has brought it up again and he is more serious than the first time. He has refused to give me money for food for the past one week and he still comes home and expects me to serve him.


I have been trying to cope but it is no longer easy for me. I have tried to have a conversation with him since he started behaving this way but he is not even listening to me. I don’t know how best to handle this situation. I am very confused and I need a solution. My husband’s salary is way more than my own. I don’t have a problem with splitting the bills. What I don’t accept is splitting the bills equally. We don’t earn the same amount so he should take up the larger responsibility. I have tried to break this down for him but he seems not to understand me.

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