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I Resign From Being a Pastor To Become Native Doctors, Because a Voice Threatened That I Will Die If I Refuse- Former Winners Pastor



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I Resign From Being a Pastor To Become Native Doctors, Because a Voice Threatened That I Will Die If I Refuse- Former Winners Pastor

40-year-old Oyewusi Oluyinka Abayomi was a pastor with Winners Chapel church presided over by Bishop David Oyedepo up until 2021
In 2021, he resigned from the commission and turned his back on Christianity to become a herbalist
Oluyinka has now opened up on the real reason he left Christianity and some sad things that happened to him in Winners Chapel.

After 16 years of working as a pastor in Living Faith Church popularly known as Winners Chapel, a man identified as Oyewusi Oluyinka Abayomi called it quits on Christianity and the church in its entirety.

In an explosive post on Facebook on Thursday, June 2, the 40-year-old man shed light on why he actually dumped Christianity and the church presided by Bishop David Oyedepo


Oluyinka joined Winners chapel in 2005

Attaching a document showing his data with Winners Chapel, the animal production and health science graduate recalled the formative years of his time as a Christian.

Oluyinka who came from a poor background and began his journey with two friends said his mother was late and he didn’t know the whereabouts of his father, but he was yet on fire for God.

Looking back on the good old days with pride, the 40-year-old said back in his Iwo town, Osun church, he ‘handled prayer sessions like wartimes events’ and read the bible cover to cover.

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He also prided in the fact that he had good oratory skills, which he claimed people in his local church could attest to at that time.

Trouble however started for him when he began full-time ministry.

Oluyinka said voices commanded and revealed things to him
Oluyinka said when he started full-time ministry, personalities he described as ‘hosts of hell’ came ‘banging on his door.

He said they would tell him of future events before they happened and surprisingly things usually panned out as ‘they’ said.


Later, those spirits told me why I am on earth, and if I neglect my path, I would regret being born. They said I’m a Babalawo by design. I quickly went on overdrive binding “thoughts that may setup their selves against God’s knowledge and every disobedience…” Then I would hear strange laughter of a group of persons suggesting the spirits were many.
“Then I traveled to see a primary school mate who is making waves as a general overseer of a church. All his prayers or deliverance made no difference,” Oluyinka explained.
He said ‘they’ gave him a description to meet someone in a village. On getting there, he was warned sternly that his refusal to become a herbalist could spell doom.

“Then voices started threatening me and commanded me to go to a village whose name I never heard hitherto saying that someone is waiting for me there. I googled the name of the town and I found it. I went there because previous messages didn’t fail.
“I met the person and the priestess gave a stern warning that refusing to work for the gods would be a deadly decision. I accepted the calling right away.”

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The young man said what would have taken others 8 years to master, took him 5 months as he now became a full-blown herbalist.

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