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I Beg You, Look In the Drawer!’ Grandma Orders Granddaughter in Dream Years after Her Death



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“Never do that! Just don’t!” Christine saw her grandmother warn her in a dream. In the morning, she opened a drawer her grandmother had referred to and froze in shock.

Christine was sweeping up after her customer left. Upon finishing the day’s orders, there were threads and scraps of fabric on the floor. Fortunately, this month’s orders were plentiful, so there was no need to borrow money and struggle to pay the bills.

Having cleaned the room, Christine looked around her home. It appeared to be as new as when she moved there with her grandmother Elena. However, when the elderly lady passed away, she became lonely and restless.

She began overworking herself as a distraction from thoughts of Elena and it gradually worked. She started as a part-time lab assistant at the university then spent her weekends sewing dresses on Elena’s old sewing machine.


She was about to enter the living room after cleaning when she heard the doorbell ring. As she answered the door, she was taken aback. Luna, her mother, was standing on her doorstep. She squinted, looked into Christine’s blue eyes, then quickly averted her gaze. Christine’s entire life flashed before her.

Several years ago…

Christine was only three years old when Luna abandoned her to Elena. The woman moved to Australia for a business opportunity and never returned. Christine used to write her letters as a child, but she never replied. In fact, she didn’t even come to attend the funeral when Elena passed away.

Christine was aware that her father, Edward, had abandoned her mother only a few months after she had announced her pregnancy. He’d stated that he was returning to his homeland to complete his higher education and that he would be back soon. However, that day never came.


After Edward left, Luna began looking for jobs to support herself and her daughter. It didn’t take long for her to find a good one because she was a Stanford graduate. However, when Christine turned three, she had to relocate to a different country.

She met a man named Charles shortly after moving there, and they married and had a son named Micheal. She used to call Christine back then, but Christine couldn’t sense anything in her mother’s voice other than relief from the world of misery; relief from raising her ex-lover’s child, and finally having the family of her dreams.

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So when she saw her standing at the doorstep, Christine lost her calm. “What in the world are you doing here? Just go away!” she yelled at Luna.

Luna gave her a faint smile. “Well, honey, I’m not here to beat around the bush. I don’t care if you forgive me or not; I’m not giving up my and my son’s share of the property.”


Christine was taken aback. “Are you serious?! You never bothered to ask if I was still alive all these years, and now you show up at my door, thinking I’ll give you a share? No way! Grandma gave it to me, and I’m not going to give it to you! I’ll call the cops if you don’t leave!”

Luna took a deep breath and walked over to the window. “Look at what you’ve turned into, Christine! Is that what mom taught you? You’re speaking to me as if I’m your servant!”

“Well, you don’t have the right to call yourself a mother,” Christine said, glaring at her. “Grandma was sick and needed money, but you never sent us a single dime. I had to take care of both of us. I was just 13 then. Do you think that was easy for me?”

“I understand your situation, and, but I require your assistance,” Luna stated calmly. “Michael is about to start university, and we need money. I want you to sell this apartment and divide it into three shares, one for you and two for Michael and me. Please let me know if you’ve made your decision.”


Luna walked away, leaving her business card on the table in the hallway. Christine threw it into the trash can and burst into tears.

I wish you were here, Grandma. I miss you. The girl sobbed herself to sleep. And that night, she had a strange dream.

Elena was sitting in her chair in the living room. She was terrified and kept saying the same thing, “Never do that, Christine. Don’t sell the apartment! You’ll be in big trouble if you do that…”

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The elderly lady then went to her bedroom, where she stood in front of a drawer, sorting through some letters in one of the drawers. “I beg you, look in the drawer, Christine!” the old lady said.


Suddenly, the sun rays hit Christine’s face through the curtains. She awoke and sat on her bed for a few moments, thinking about her dream. Wait a minute, Grandma asked me not to sell the apartment. But what after that?

Christine finally got out of bed and decided to take a shower because she couldn’t remember what she’d seen. She was about to open her cupboard to get her clothes when it hit her. Grandma mentioned the wardrobe! And the drawer! Yeah, she said the drawer!

Christine rushed into Elena’s room and opened her cabinet drawer. In the farthest corner, under large family albums, a number of letters were tied together with a thick rope. They were Luna’s correspondences with Edward. Out of curiosity, Christine opened the letters and began reading them.

“Dear Luna,” said one of them. “Is everything okay, honey? How are you doing? I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to see you guys soon. Following the accident, the doctors advised that I might need to rest for a while before I’m ready to travel. But please don’t stop writing to me. It’s been a long while since you wrote to me. I miss you and Christine. I’m looking forward to receiving your letter. With love, Edward.”


Dad didn’t leave mom?! Mom lied about everything?! But why didn’t grandma tell me anything?

Then she opened the next letter and the next, and slowly a clear, disgusting picture of her mother’s past was evident.

Christine went through the letters looking for her father’s address and discovered one on the last letter written 18 years ago. She sat by the table with a piece of paper in her hand. She wrote her father and told him about everything she had to endure in her brief twenty-year life and mailed it to his address the following day.

Several months went by, and no replies came. Soon, winter approached, and by this time, Christine was moving out to a new home. She’d started her own sewing business which was doing well.

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As she walked out of the house, she noticed a black car parked near the front door. “Christine! It’s you! We finally meet!” A middle aged-man waved at her, getting down from the car.

Christine stared at him, into his blue eyes. They appeared familiar as if she’d seen him somewhere. Suddenly, her thoughts returned to the album she’d discovered in her grandmother’s drawer. The man was her father, Edward. He was limping as he approached her.

Catherine dashed up to him and hugged him. “Dad! I can’t believe you came all this way to meet me!”

“I’m sorry, honey, it took me a while,” Edward apologized as he hugged her. “I couldn’t stop myself from coming when I received your letter. I just had to meet you!”


Christine invited him in and offered tea. Then Edward told her the whole story. It turns out when Edward left for abroad, Luna stopped answering his calls and letters. Then when he was about to come home, he met with an accident and was admitted to the hospital. By the time he was able to return, Luna had moved to a different city.

Christine was delighted to have been reunited with her father. She decided to stay in Elena’s flat rather than move out, then Edward moved in with her.

One night, she had another dream about her grandmother. Elena was smiling, as if she was aware of her granddaughter’s meeting with Edward.

Later, after her so-called husband divorced her, Luna returned to their house with her son, but Christine slammed the door in her face.


What can we learn from this story?

Some people don’t deserve to be parents. Luna was a terrible mother who never cared about her daughter.

Sometimes dreams are real and foreshadow what is about to happen. Christine had a dream in which she saw her grandmother, who warned her of impending danger.

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