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How Primate Ayodele 2018 Prophecy Is Gradually Been Fulfilled In Nigeria, As Hardship And Insecurity Continues



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Founder and head of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, with headquarters in Lagos, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, has called on Nigerians to be wary of the second term ambition of President Muhammadu Buhari back in 2018, as it would cause the nation a drawback of 40 years

He also insisted that the According to his Prophecy in 218 that Senate President, Bukola Saraki, should not be afraid to contest the 2019 presidency since he had the backing of God.

According to his 2018 Prophecy:

“I will continue to say it that the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, should be bold enough to come out and contest for the presidency. He has a lot of enemies but when God says ‘yes,’ nobody can say ‘no.’ I don’t know Saraki and I have never met him in my life. Saraki has something to turnaround Nigeria. Nigeria, as it is today, will break apart in the nearest future.


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) does not have what it takes to rule the nation. The All Progressives Congress (APC) has finished the PDP. Nigeria does not value who Bola Tinubu is. The APC is planning ahead of Tinubu. Tinubu has taken a wrong step. I must say that former President Olusegun Obasanjo is playing his last card politically. As from August this year, the political atmosphere will change. The forthcoming election in Osun will reveal PDP as being in trouble. The APC has what it takes to retain the governorship in Osun State.

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“I am not talking as a politician. I am a prophet. Whether Saraki wants to contest for presidency or not, he is not wanted in the APC. He should pack his load and leave. I don’t need to meet him,” he said.

He advised that all should “pray against explosion. The herdsmen crisis still has a lot of uncertainty. There is hardship in the land. The economic team of the president is not doing anything right. We must pray against building collapse, flooding, plane crash and train crash.”

On the forthcoming World Cup tournament, Ayodele gave the Super Eagles a bomb scare saying “Nigeria cannot lift the world cup in the forthcoming championship. The country is not ripe to win. Let Pinnick say whatever he wants. The Eagles will not lift the trophy.”

He equally called on the United States and the United Kingdom to be careful about the crisis in Syria amid other terrorist attacks, just as he claimed that the Trump presidency in America would face a lot of crisis.


“At the beginning of the year, I called the attention of the world about a terrorist attack that would occur in the United Kingdom. I talked about the crisis in Israel. On the Syria crisis, the United States of America must be careful so that the Syria issue would not become a full-blown war. If the USA does not have alliance with Russia, it will not be able to fight the crisis in Syria. There is a lot of politics in it.

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“There will be a lot of protests against the Donald Trump presidency in the US. A lot of secrets will be revealed. He will not have a second term. There will be more killings in the US and UK.

If you now consider the current happenstance in Nigeria now, invasion of terrorism, Kidnapping and killing of innocent people, hardship and economic set back at it highest peak, we could easily believe that Primate Ayodele 2018 Prophecy Is Gradually Been Fulfilled in Nigeria.

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