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How Pregnant Woman with Twins Was Kicked Out of Restaurant after the Waitress Saw Something On Her- Story



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A 7-months-pregnant woman came to dine in at a restaurant with her family in Marysville, Washington. Suddenly, a waitress stopped her from going inside.

Charisha Gobin was pregnant with twins when the restaurant denied her entry after looking at her belly. She was furious after knowing why they had stopped her. After the strange incident, Gobin opened up on Facebook and posted a picture of herself at the restaurant. People were shocked to know why the restaurant refused to entertain her.


Gobin chose to dine in at the Buzz Inn Steakhouse in Marysville, Washington, with her family on a Sunday night. She was looking forward to enjoying the evening.


However, a waitress stopped her from going inside while looking at her protruding belly that her black crop-top couldn’t hide. She said:

I’m sorry, you can’t be here in that shirt.’

Gobin wasn’t sure if the waitress was serious, so she asked her if she was joking with her. To her surprise, the waitress said she was serious about it.

Gobin went out for dinner with her family when the strange incident happened. | Source: YouTube/CBS News
Gobin went out for dinner with her family when the strange incident happened. | Source: YouTube/CBS News



The waitress told her that the restaurant had a policy that said they wouldn’t serve food to people who came shirtless or didn’t have their shoes on.

She posted a photo of herself on Facebook that she had clicked outside the restaurant.

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The restaurant management had made the rule because it was in line with the health code regulations. The waitress told Gobin she wouldn’t allow anyone wearing a crop top to enter the restaurant.


The waitress told her she had violated their dress code. | Source: YouTube/CBS News


When the waitress told her she wouldn’t let her enter the restaurant, the pregnant woman marched away from the entrance because she couldn’t stand the humiliation. She said:

“Just because my belly was bigger and sticking out. But had it been anyone else, I don’t think there would’ve been any problem whatsoever.”

She posted a photo of herself on Facebook that she had clicked outside the restaurant. She stood there wearing a black crop-top and a long skirt


The Buzz Inn Steakhouse refused to serve her. | Source: YouTube/CBS News

Gobin wanted to show everyone what she was wearing because she felt her dressing was decent, and the restaurant should have allowed her to dine in.

After leaving the Buzz Inn Steakhouse, Gobin drove to another restaurant with her family, where the staff didn’t deny her service. She recalled:

“I was wearing a shirt. It had sleeves. I didn’t even have cleavage showing



The pregnant mother couldn’t understand why her crop-top didn’t count as a shirt. She felt the restaurant staff had a problem with her belly.

Many people supported the mother after reading her Facebook post. They felt the restaurant staff mistreated her and that her dressing was OK.

Gobin was overwhelmed after reading the comments under her post. She hadn’t expected so many people to support her and understand that she was body-shamed. She said:


“It’s pretty ridiculous I was shamed in the first place.”


The Buzz Inn Steakhouse issued an apology on behalf of their employee working for them for 20 years. They said they hadn’t made rules to make their guests uncomfortable.

The restaurant said they would teach their staff not to “overly enforce a rule” on their customers and make them feel bad.


They also said that the waitress used her best judgment and stopped the woman from entering the restaurant. They said she was not being mean on purpose

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However, their statement didn’t explain how Gobin’s crop-top violated the health code. They also didn’t say if they would treat others the same way they treated the pregnant woman.

After going through the worst, the pregnant woman soon gave birth to two beautiful twins, a boy, and a girl, leaving all the hurtful incidents behind.

Shaming someone based on their physical appearance isn’t the right thing to do. The restaurant shouldn’t have denied her entry because of her pregnant belly. Do you think the restaurant management was at fault? We would love to know what you think about this story!

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